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2 comments January 11th, 2009at 04:55pm Posted by Eli

So, not only did I manage to get Linux running off a USB flash drive, but I managed to port that install over to my ginormous 64GB USB flash drive, and to get around the fact that when Linux is running off of the flash drive, it refuses to mount it in any visible way (I’m sure it’d be cake for a Linux guru, but I’m not one).  Basically, I figured that if it was mounted somewhere to run the OS, then it had to be there somewhere, so I ran a search for the folder I stashed all my flash drive data in, found it, and created a shortcut for it.  I also was able to map my network drives, so I’m pretty much in business.  Sweet.

Next step is to copy that Linux install onto a CompactFlash and/or Memory Stick Duo, so I can boot Linux from my camera or PSP.  This is completely impractical for anything other than annoying my girlfriend, but I think that’s reason enough.

In the other direction, I moved some partitions around and installed the Windows 7 beta, and so far it’s pretty darn slick.  I’ve installed most of my essential stuff, and I haven’t run into any bugs or compatibility issues yet.  I can even connect to public wifi, which I can’t do in Vista – or Linux, for that matter.  I am actually writing this post in Windows 7 right now, and look how much more awesome it is than all the posts I wrote in Vista and XP.

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  • 1. spocko  |  January 12th, 2009 at 2:04 pm

    The Ability to annoy your girlfriend is not to be underrated. Especially when you impress your tech friends.


    *Spocko as “Topper” in the Dibert Cartoon.
    I moved Linux to a USB flash drive to a 2 Gig drive using a tiny version of Linux called Puppy. I do this so I can run Linux on toasters and other low powered appliances. You humans with your giant flash drives have it EASY.

    But seriously. Getting the Wifi to run in Linux was just beyond me, it’s nice to know Windows 7 figured that the ability to connect was important. Trying to get Linux wifi to run reminded me of the days of WinSock and NetManage!

  • 2. Eli  |  January 12th, 2009 at 3:00 pm

    Getting the Wifi to run in Linux was just beyond me

    Really? Wifi is dead easy in Ubuntu 8.10 – and I don’t mean that in an everything-is-easy-for-me-because-I’m-a-networking-genius way; I mean it really *is* easy. It autodetected both my internal and USB wifi modems, and connecting to networks was just a matter of entering the SSID (or picking it from a list) and password.

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