No More Bushes Anymore

January 5th, 2009at 07:15am Posted by Eli

Mike Lupica has had enough Bushes, as have we all:

“I’d like to see [Jeb Bush] run,” the old man said on television Sunday. “I’d like to see him be President one day.”


One week it’s Dick Cheney trying to edit the last eight years in America, almost line by line. Then it’s Laura Bush, trying to be as good a wife as George H.W. Bush is a father. You half expect them to start buying time on television trying to still run George W. Bush for President as the rest of the country gets ready to kick him to the curb.

History, they all keep saying, will have a different view of the last eight years in America. Not without 3-D glasses it won’t – or several stiff drinks.

For now, it’s as if the Bush family has some sort of grading system that it uses and the rest of us don’t, one that enables the current President Bush to get to do some kind of victory lap around the White House grounds before Barack Obama gets inside to try to fix things, even though they’re so broken he’s probably going to need help from the Army Corps of Engineers.

You listen to the various defenses of Bush, not just from his family but from his loyalists and from the wing nuts of right-wing radio – the ones who want to blame this recession on Obama and sound as if they were dropped on their heads as babies – and you think there is one scorecard for them and one for the rest of us.

On their scorecard, they want to list all the countries that HAVEN’T been invaded on George W. Bush’s watch. They want to talk about all the big companies and banks that HAVEN’T failed. While a cynical media want to dwell on Scooter Libby, you keep waiting to hear about all the fine public servants in the current Bush administration who HAVEN’T been indicted, at least not yet.

This has been going on for a couple of weeks now and might not stop even after Barack Obama is sworn in. Now the head of the family is on television talking about Jeb Bush and making you want to hide under the bed at even the hint that what now passes for a political dynasty in this country might continue.

At least George H.W. Bush did offer this one small qualification as he talked about Jeb’s qualifications to be President someday.

“I mean, right now is probably a bad time,” the old man said.

You think?

There may come a time when the Bush family name is no longer so toxic as to make its bearers unelectable – after all, even Nixon became regarded as a statesman and a not-so-bad president in his later years.  But by that time, Jeb will be far, far too old to run, if he’s even still living.

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