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1 comment January 29th, 2009at 09:49pm Posted by Eli

Dakine asks the question I most want answered:

I have a question for the members of the Congressional Blue Dogs Coalition. Why are you a Democrat? I ask this of Mike Arcuri. If I were still living in Rome, NY, you would be my Congressman. I ask this of Ben Chandler since you represent the district in Kentucky that I grew up in and where I first voted. I ask this of Heath Shuler and Jane Harmon; of John Salazar and Loretta Sanchez. I ask this of all members of Congress who claim this name for themselves.

Why are you a member of the Democratic Party?

I ask this most sincerely as you show by your votes that you are against most of the core values I have long associated with the Democratic Party. You consistently vote against the environment. You consistently vote against Unions and workers. You consistently vote against LGBT rights. You vote for the Corporations that foul the air and poison the land. You vote to give money away to the rich and then try to show how “fiscally sound” you are by doing everything to block helping those who aren’t your big money campaign contributors.

So why do you call yourself a Democrat when you vote consistently against the values of the Democratic Party?

Who are you lying to, the voters or yourself?

I can understand, say, a Joe Lieberman pretending to be a Democrat to get elected in a blue state, but I don’t understand why a Republican in a red state or district would pretend to be a Democrat.  The only plausible explanation I can think of is that they can get a lot more support from Democrats and progressives to knock off a Republican in a general election than they can get from other Republicans to knock off an incumbent in a primary.  Of course, we soon find out that we didn’t really knock off a Republican, merely replaced him with one who just happens to wear a blue suit.

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  • 1. Cujo359  |  January 31st, 2009 at 6:08 am

    Partly it was for the support of us dupes on the left, and partly because the Republican brand isn’t looking too good anywhere right now. Latinos don’t like them, blacks won’t vote for them, and women don’t particularly like them, either. That’s about 70% of the population. Better to pretend to be a Democrat, even in a fairly conservative district.

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