Republican Self-Sabotage

January 28th, 2009at 09:49pm Posted by Eli

This looks like a classic triumph of dick-swinging over common sense:

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is up with a television ad taking Nevada Sen. Harry Reid to task for his support of President Barack Obama‘s economic stimulus bill, the first of what promises to be a series of attacks against the majority leader as he seeks reelection in 2010.

The ad, entitled “Trillion”, labels Reid a “super spending partisan” and urges viewers to tell Reid to “stop wasting our hard-earned money” as the image of a hammer smashing a piggy bank (!) is shown on screen.


It’s a signal that Senate Republicans plan to make Reid’s political life a living hell over the next two years — paying him back for the aggressive campaign Democrats ran against Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) in 2008. (McConnell beat businessman Bruce Lunsford 53 percent to 47 percent.) Democrats, for what it’s worth, remain embittered from the 2004 campaign when Sen. John Thune (R) defeated Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D) in South Dakota.


Although the Republican field is not exactly teeming with stars (or potential stars) it’s hard to imagine that they don’t find someone serious to run against Reid given his leadership role, the competitive nature of Nevada and the animosity among some within the Democratic cause — particularly the netroots — for Reid.

While I can certainly understand the GOP’s desire for payback and a high-profile scalp, are they really willing to risk getting rid of Harry?  With the huge majority that Senate Democrats have, an ineffectual and easily outmaneuvered Democratic Majority Leader is the best chance they have of blocking President Obama’s agenda, and maybe even passing some bills of their own.

It may feel good for a little while, but unless Joe Lieberman or Ben Nelson is the next Majority Leader (entirely possible), I’m pretty sure it won’t feel good for long.

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