Verizon Fail

January 8th, 2009at 07:31pm Posted by Eli

So, let’s recap:

AT&T got an exclusive deal to carry the iPhone.

Sprint got an exclusive deal to carry the Palm Pre, which is probably one aggressive product cycle away from being an iPhone killer, if it isn’t already (more on that later).

Verizon got an exclusive deal to carry… the Blackberry Storm.  Way to go, guys.  Great “get.”

This was not a great week for Apple either.  First they basically stood pat at MacWorld, now Palm announces a new phone that addresses a lot of the iPhone’s shortcomings.  Currently, I have five reasons not to buy an iPhone, and Apple seems pretty determined not to address any of them:

1) No Copy & Paste. I like being able to blog from my phone in a pinch, even if it probably is something only crazy people do.  Pretty hard to blog without being able to copy text.  Pre has copy & paste.

2) No Removable Battery. Sometimes you just can’t get to a charger, so it’s nice to have a spare.  Pre has a removable battery.

3) No Keyboard. When I get rolling, I can type in bursts of up to 45-50 words per minute on my Treo keyboard.  I’d probably be lucky to manage 10 on the iPhone’s virtual keyboard.  Pre has a slide-out keyboard that makes it look a bit like an ultra-long Treo Pro.

4) Crappy Video Codec Support. The iPhone doesn’t play DivX, Xvid, WMV, or Flash video other than YouTube.  Neither does the Pre, although I’m hoping someone can write an application for it… and get it published in the app store.

5) Lousy Carrier. I think Sprint has a better network than AT&T, but still not as nearly as good as Verizon’s.

Some other Pre highlights:

Screen: Slightly smaller than iPhone (3.1″ vs. 3.5″), same resolution (320 X 480).  Bigger and better than the Centro or any previous Treos.

Multitouch: Yes.

GPS: Yes.

On-Board Storage: 8GB, with MicroSD expansion slot, which currently means a max capacity of 24GB.

Browser: Webkit-based – apparently it’s tabbed, fast and capable.  I’d like to try it on some of the sites that always give me trouble before I pass judgment on it.

Operating System: Pretty slick, but hard to explain.  I’m still not entirely sure I follow it all myself, but it sounds like it’s amazingly good at multi-tasking, and making it easy to manage all the open applications.

Now, if they can just get the Pre close to the $199 price point…

UPDATE: D’oh! My bad, the Pre does not have a MicroSD slot. I saw MicroUSB and misread it. 8GB onboard is pretty damn good for a smartphone, but not so much if it wants to take on the iPhone as a multimedia device. Still, it’s only a first-generation device, so hopefully that will improve.

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