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1 comment January 8th, 2009at 07:12am Posted by Eli

Snarlin’ Arlen:

Specter said in prepared remarks Tuesday that Obama did not consult with him before choosing Eric Holder Jr. to be attorney general, and he tells Legal Times that Obama also did not consult with him or notify him before announcing four other Justice Department nominees Monday.

“History demonstrates that presidents who seek the advice of members of the Senate prior to submitting a nomination frequently see their nominees confirmed more quickly and with less controversy than those who do not,” Specter (R-Pa.) said. “A recent example is that of President Clinton who consulted with then-Chairman [Orrin] Hatch prior to nominating Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Justice Stephen Breyer to the Supreme Court. Both nominees were confirmed with minimal controversy.

“In contrast, on the nomination of Mr. Holder, President-elect Obama chose not to seek my advice or even to give me advance notice in my capacity as Ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee, which is his prerogative.”

Interesting that the most recent examples Specter could think of both took place during the Clinton administration.  Other than Mukasey (WTF was Schumer thinking, anyway?), has Dubya consulted with the ranking Democrat on any of his major nominees for, well… anything? And has Specter ever taken him to task for failing to do so, if he’s so concerned about comity and propriety?

(h/t Adam Bonin)

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  • 1. julia  |  January 8th, 2009 at 10:40 am

    Well, no, he didn’t. But then, if you recall, one of the conditions his caucus gave him for not taking the chair away was never, ever, ever doing anything that showed a scrap of comity.

    Does Obama have a party that’s going to take his job away if he gestures across the aisle? He does not. So, see.

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