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2 comments January 8th, 2009at 09:54pm Posted by Eli

(Before I begin, let me just point out that I’m Jewish, so the proper epithet would be “self-hating” rather than “anti-semitic” – just wanted to clear that up in advance.)

Nazis killed Jews.
Hamas kills Jews.
Ergo, Hamas are just like the Nazis, and anyone who opposes Israel bombing Gaza into tiny bloody pieces is objectively pro-Nazi. (Because if there’s one thing the Nazis were known for, it was their excessive pacifism and compassion.)

I really do believe that this false equivalence is at least a piece of the psychology behind Israel’s Gaza policy and those who cheerlead for it – it’s a massive loss of perspective.

In the late 30s and early 40s, Nazi Germany was a heavily industrialized military power, and the Jews had no country, and no army – they were completely defenseless.  Today, the Jews have their own country and not just any army, but the fourth-most powerful military in the world.  They can defend themselves just fine now.

And Hamas and the Gazans?  They’re raggedy and starving, and their Wehrmacht is mostly rocks, light arms, and a few rockets.  Yes, they wish Israel ill, but they are not an existential threat.  (It’s probably also worth mentioning that the Jews in 30s and 40s Germany weren’t restricting the Nazis’ movements or food, much less bombing them.  The Nazis hated the Jews solely for being Jewish.)

But as long as Israel and their apologists can conflate Hamas with the Nazis, then no action against them can ever be excessive.  Bombs away!

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  • 1. Blue Texan  |  January 8th, 2009 at 10:07 pm

    Eli, if you can’t see the existential threat Israel faces on a daily basis, and how that threat is totally Nazi-like, I’m afraid I can’t help you.

  • 2. Interrobang  |  January 9th, 2009 at 3:26 pm

    I can, frankly, see why the Israelis worry about Hamas and similar groups — Israel is a US client state, which means it’s pretty dependent on which way the political wind is blowing in the US; Israel is surrounded on all sides by people who like to at least talk a good game of forcibly cancelling the State of Israel (and I’ve got a whole shitload of fingers to point regarding finer points of that argument, but now isn’t the time), and considering how many people in positions of authority in Israel right now are old enough to remember WWII, even if they were kids at the time, I can grasp why they might be a little paranoid; and, let’s not kid ourselves, the state itself is broke and has been hijacked by people who think privatisation and war are the only two answers, so understandably, there’s some nervousness.

    Also, I do think there’s some point to arguing that if Slobovia were lobbing rockets into Dumfukistan and Dumfukistan invaded to do something about it, not all that much would happen internationally. (See, for example, Georgia, Russia, and South Ossetia.) But Israel vs. Palestine or vice versa, and everybody goes nuts.

    That said, I can’t for the life of me figure out what the idiots in charge over there are thinking. The response has been totally out of proportion, not unlike if I walked up to you and flicked your nose and then you responded by beating me into a coma. This is not, shall we say, a way to win friends and influence people. They’re behaving badly, to put it politely. Likewise, the Hamassholes aren’t really accomplishing anything but making people scared and pissed off, and you’d think by now they’d have figured out that’s a bad thing to do to a bunch of Israelis… (Kol Israeli rigshi. Kol kakh rigshi…)

    Just FWIW… A friend of mine in TLV, not long out of the army, is terrified she’s going to be amongst the reservists called up if this goes on much longer, and I don’t blame her. (For one thing, if her reserve CO is anything like her old CO, she won’t just have to contend with being shot at but with a jerkoff who thinks it’s high-larious to grab her tits. War is so much fun!)

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