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But Those 21% Are Really Enthusiastic

Best. Poll. Ever.

An October 24, 2008, poll conducted by the Democratic research firm Greenberg-Quinlan-Rosner has Rush Limbaugh enjoying a public approval rating of just 21 percent among likely voters, while 58 percent have “cold” feelings towards the right-wing radio talk show host. Limbaugh was the least popular of the all the political figures the firm polled. He polls seven points lower than Rev. Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright and eight points below former Weather Underground domestic terrorist William Ayers.

Limbaugh is so unpopular only 44 percent of Republican voters reported “warm” feelings towards him, ten points less than those who felt the same way about Limbaugh’s top competitor, Fox News’ Sean Hannity, and a full 20 points lower than Fox News itself. Yet in spite of rock-bottom favorable numbers, Limbaugh confidently declared one week after Obama’s inauguration that his power far exceeded that of the Republican Party’s top two leaders in the Senate and House of Representatives. Obama, Limbaugh roared, is “obviously more frightened of me than he is Mitch McConnell. He’s more frightened of me, than he is of, say, John Boehner, which doesn’t say much about our party.”


Despite Limbaugh’s low popularity ratings, Congressional Republicans are so intimidated by his perceived influence that even the most resentful members shamelessly grovel at his feet. He might have alienated vast sectors of the Republican base, but Limbaugh still commands an army of self-proclaimed “Dittoheads” who represent the party’s most politically fervent, ideologically extreme, and easily shepherded element. This is a faction that flood the party’s elected representatives’ offices with phone calls, and which they believe they cannot afford to offend.

I would like nothing more than to see the Republican Party continue their kowtowing-to-a-man-58%-of-voters-can’t-stand strategy.  It’s a surefire winner.

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Balance Is A One-Way Street

Hey, remember how every time the media would report on a Republican scandal, they always felt obliged to report on it by reminding us of similar Democratic scandals, supposedly out of some misguided sense of journalistic “balance”?

Apparently it doesn’t work the other way around. What a surprise.

February 4th, 2009 at 09:12pm Posted by Eli

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Quote Of The Day

Barney Frank, speaking to bank CEOs:

People really hate you, and they’re starting to hate us because we’re hanging out with you. And you have to help us deal with that.


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Democrats Are Not Parker Lewis

Funny how when they passed an Iraq funding bill that mandated a withdrawal timetable, Democrats were troop-hating obstructionists for passing a bill they knew Bush wouldn’t sign, but now Obama and the Democrats will be unreasonable failures if they can’t craft a workable stimulus bill that Republicans will vote for (which is probably an oxymoron).  In other words, regardless of who’s in power, Democrats’ responsibility is to give Republicans what they want.

This really is an ideal situation for the Republicans.  Their skillset is best suited to running the country into the ground, which is a political negative when they’re in control of the government, but a political positive when they aren’t.  As long as the media can sustain the narrative that everything that goes wrong is due to Obama’s failure of leadership and unwillingness to reach across the aisle to compromise with those oh-so-reasonable Republicans, the GOP could score big in 2010 and 2012, assuming that there’s still a United States left to regain control of.

February 4th, 2009 at 06:56pm Posted by Eli

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Wednesday Why-I-Love-The-Weekly-World-News Blogging


Yet(i) another example of unintended consequences…

MT. REDOUBT, AK – Scientists set up a webcam on Mount Redoubt to monitor volcanic activity, but discovered more than they bargained for.

Mount Redoubt has erupted three times in the past century, with the 1989 eruption lasting five months. Scientists now believe they can predict upcoming eruptions, and the Alaska Volcano Observatory set up a webcam on the north flank to observe any suspicious activity.

However, on the night of January 29th, viewers got a big surprise when an Alaskan yeti discovered the webcam. At first confused, she soon settled in front of the cam to communicate with viewers through a rudimentary laptop attached to the camera.

Internet users quickly began flooding to ask the creature questions.

stapleman32: what do u like to do on the weekend?
yeti4eva: i love chillin with my girls (what up littlepaw?!) and finding cute grizzly bears to hang out with, yum!!!

teenycryptid: Hi! I am a 13 year old skunk ape in the Florida Everglades. I think I’m really ugly but my mom says I just haven’t “blossomed” yet. I want the guys my age to notice me. How do I get to be as pretty as you?
yeti4eva: thanks, teeny! but don’t ever call yourself ugly! you have to love yourself before anyone else can love you. listen to christina aguilera’s song “beautiful”, she is so wise!!

The yeti also set up an wishlist, for admirers to buy and send her gifts. If viewers purchased a T-Mobile G1 phone, she would “totes love you forever!!!”

Observatory scientists armed with stun guns are currently hiking to the cam’s position to reclaim the camera.

Leave the yeti alone!  She’s doing good work and helping others.  Also, she’ll rip your arms off.

February 4th, 2009 at 11:33am Posted by Eli

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Stimulus Getting Gutted

Passing an ineffective stimulus bill would be a best-case scenario for Republicans.  On the one hand, they can’t be accused of obstruction – but they still reap the political benefits of an economic collapse on Obama’s watch.  No-one will remember that they were the reason the stimulus failed.  As for wanker “moderate” Democrats like Ben Nelson, I’m not really sure what’s in it for them – I think their allegiance is closer to the GOP than to the Democrats.

Senate Democratic leaders conceded yesterday that they do not have the votes to pass the stimulus bill as currently written and said that to gain bipartisan support, they will seek to cut provisions that would not provide an immediate boost to the economy.


Moderate Republicans are trying to trim the bill by as much as $200 billion, although Democrats working with those GOP senators have not agreed to a specific figure.


To remove obstacles from the measure’s path, Reid said numerous items could fall by the wayside. “The president, the Democratic leaders, the Republican leaders certainly have every intention of moving forward to getting everything out of the bill that causes heartburn to a significant number of senators,” he told reporters yesterday.

What Senate leaders cannot predict is which provisions will stay in and which will fall out. It also remains unclear whether Democrats are willing to tamper with measures that are considered high priorities for Obama, but that tackle longer-term challenges such as health-care reform and alternative energy development, rather than providing the quick jolt of expanded unemployment and food-stamp benefits and individual tax relief.

The most ambitious effort to cut the bill is being led by Sens. Ben Nelso (D-Neb.) and Susan Collins (R-Maine), moderates in their parties who share a dislike of the current version. Collins is scheduled to visit Obama at the White House this afternoon. “I’m going to go to him with a list” of suggested deletions, she said.

Nelson said he and Collins have agreed to “tens of billions” in cuts, although he said he is skeptical that the effort will reach Collins’s target of $200 billion in reductions. The pair has counted up to 20 allies in their effort, with more Democrats than Republicans at this point.

Among the items that the Collins-Nelson initiative is targeting: $1.1 billion for comparative medical research, $350 million for Agriculture Department computers, $75 million to discourage smoking, $20 million in Interior Department funding, $400 million for HIV screening and $650 million for wildlife management.

This would be a lot less frustrating if Congress hadn’t already waved through 700 billion no-strings-attached dollars for Wall Street.

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