And Harry Reid Continues To Suck.

2 comments February 25th, 2009at 09:28pm Posted by Eli

He can’t even zing Republicans without looking like a tool:

A ten percent increase in the budget for Congressional operations was needed because Senate Republicans wanted to retain previous staff levels despite having lost roughly 20 percent of their ranks in the 2008 elections, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) said Wednesday.

Congressional Republicans have been pouncing on any instance of wasteful spending they can find, but the congressional-operations line item will likely remain safe from their ire.

The one-tenth hike brings the budget for Congress itself to $4.4 billion.

Reid, asked about the increase at a press conference, initially dodged the question, speaking instead about spending in general.

The unsatisfied reporter repeated the question about a ten percent raise for the congressional budget. “How is that going to help get out of the depression?” she pressed.

Don’t blame us, said Reid.

“We had a situation — you should direct that question to Senator McConnell,” he said, referring to the Senate Minority Leader, “because we had trouble organizing this year. He wanted to maintain a lot of their staffing even though they had lost huge numbers. And the only way we could get it done is to do what we did. So you should direct that question to Senator McConnell.”

So… Harry, you’re saying that you totally caved to the unreasonable demands of the party with only 41 seats?  And you think telling us that makes you look good somehow?

Jebus, I think I’m going to have to send money to your Republican opponent next year.  Voting you out is the only way to get you out of the Senate leadership, and sacrificing one Democratic seat for a Majority Leader who actually acts like one would be a tradeoff I’d make any time.

(Of course, I thought the same thing when Daschle got voted out, that there was no way the Senate Dems could ever possibly replace him with someone worse…)

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