Because We’re The Authoritarians And Criminal Degenerates

1 comment February 19th, 2009at 09:44pm Posted by Eli

Rush’s talent for projection remains epic:

Coming off of a tone-deaf cartoon that compared the author of the stimulus bill with a crazed, shot-dead chimpanzee, it seemed likely that, for the time being, provocative political metaphors would be put on hold. But on his radio show Thursday, Rush Limbaugh pushed the envelope once more. As spotted first by Media Matters:

RL: This is… it’s about power, it’s about control. These people genuinely look out over this country from their lofty perches. They don’t like what they see. Otherwise…
Caller: So they can go somewhere else! Like, I don’t understand, why do they have to stay here? Like, leave us alone!

RL: At this point, at this point Gretchen, I don’t care about the why. They’re not going to leave. They’re trying to control it. At this point, the only thing is they must be stopped!

Caller: I agree…

RL: Within the confines of our Constitution, and the political arena of ideas, they must be stopped. I don’t care why they see this country the way they see it. I don’t care why a murderer does it. I don’t care why a rapist does it. I don’t care why this Muslim guy offed his wife’s head. The NOW gang is out there saying ‘oh, that’s not domestic violence, that’s just, uh, that’s just…’ what do they call it? ‘Culturally honor killing. Or this woman was going to divorce him, that’s against the law. That’s his diversity.’ I don’t care, I don’t care why anymore. If I figure it out, I’ll be glad to tell you because it’s interesting to know, but it doesn’t matter in terms of defeating them.

I am always amazed when the party of George W. Bush and the religious right accuses Democrats of authoritarianism; I guess because we want to force women to be allowed to have abortions if they so choose, and force gay people to have the option of getting married if they want to.  I guess that does make us just exactly like murderers and rapists – much more so than the party that brought us the Iraq war and Gitmo and Abu Ghraib.

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  • 1. Cujo359  |  February 20th, 2009 at 1:14 am

    The “NOW Gang” is saying that beheading a woman is OK? Must not be the NOW I used to get all that junk mail from.

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