Is The Future Here Yet?

February 12th, 2009at 07:15am Posted by Eli

This is amazing:

At TED last week, speaker Pattie Maes came onstage wearing something very cool indeed: a contraption, dangling from her neck, made from a Web cam, a 3M pico projector and a mirror, all connected wirelessly to a Bluetooth smartphone in her pocket.

Basically, the camera recognizes images, people or gestures you make in the air with your hands…. And the pico projector can project information onto any surface in front of you….

The point is to help you process information on the go, using the whole Internet as your right-hand man; the entire world becomes a multitouch surface.


* When you want to check the time, you draw a circle on your left wrist; the projector displays a clock right on your arm.

* You hold up your boarding pass; the words DELAYED 20 MINUTES or ON TIME are beamed onto it.

* You hold up your left hand, fingers pointing to the right. The system recognizes that you want to make a call, and projects a dialing pad onto your fingers. You tap the virtual keypad with your right hand to dial the call.

* You hold your fingers out at arm’s length forming a square, the way a cliché Hollywood director does to frame a scene. The system snaps a photo of what’s enclosed by your fingers. Later, you can sort, resize and fiddle with these photos by projecting them onto any wall and dragging their images with your fingertips, à la Microsoft Surface.


You can see the videos of these demonstrations here and here, although they’re missing the narration. It’s very rough, it’s still a prototype, and it’s not clear to me how many of these demos are just simulations. But it’s a very cool idea.

I. Want. This.

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