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This just in – Republican noisemakers are nasty, horrible, crazy people:

In terms of speed and efficiency, the right-wing collection of bloggers, AM talkers, pundits, and yes, newspaper cartoonists, may have set a new land speed record for becoming collectively unhinged, as they wail and moan about how the new Democratic president’s turning America into a fascist state, or communist, or socialist, or whatever other bugaboo claim Glenn Beck and Laura Ingraham are tossing out to viewers and listeners on a daily basis.


If we just pause and take one or two steps back from the daily/hourly barrage of hate, it’s obvious that faced with the new Obama presidency, the Republican Noise Machine has already lost all perspective — has gone totally loco — and it’s only February, a mere month into Obama’s first four years in office. Who dares to even imagine where the right-wing “conversation” goes from here?

It’s astounding to watch the avalanche of hate ooze from conservative media quarters. And why? Because Obama passed an economic recovery bill. Good Lord, imagine if he had failed to win the popular vote and then led the country into a pre-emptive war based on faulty intelligence, a war that lost thousands of American lives, and tens of thousands of foreign lives, while milking the U.S. treasury out of a few trillion dollars in the process.


[B]y openly embracing Limbaugh, leader-less conservatives are purposefully mainstreaming the talkers’ brand of loonyness. And by enthusiastically endorsing Limbaugh and his crowd, Republicans must accept — must take ownership of — the radical hate speech that defines the Noise Machine….

That hate speech is now, unequivocally, the sanctioned voice of the Republican Party. It’s a voice that, after just 30 days of an Obama presidency, has gone completely bonkers. And it’s a voice that’s revealed itself in the form of swastikas, dead monkeys, and bizarre talk of ankle-grabbing.

But liberals hated Bush! That’s the but-they-did-it-too defense being paraded around by right-wingers like Malkin after she was spotted with Swastika Guy. Everybody on the left compared Bush to Hitler, Malkin claimed last week. Really? Liberal protesters waved around Bush-Hitler signs at rallies to protest new administration policy during Bush’s first month in office? Bush hadn’t even finished filling out his Cabinet, and prominent liberals were demonizing the new president as an anti-American fascist?



The Republican Noise Machine, which has already turned its hate amplifiers up to 10, doesn’t like to admit it, but over time a strong majority of Americans came to share the liberals’ contempt for Bush, who they dubbed to be an utter failure as a president. And perhaps the worst in the nation’s history. The Obama disdain, though, is being unleashed against a president with extraordinarily high job approval ratings, which highlights how the Noise Machine remains completely out of touch with mainstream America.

As that fact becomes increasingly obvious in the months to come, I fear it’s only going to force feverish conservatives to ratchet up the hate.

Let’s see how that We’re The Spittle-Flecked Party Of Hate branding works out for the Republicans, shall we?  If the American people have any decency left at all, the backlash of disgust and horror will be discredit the GOP and all its mouthpieces with the 70-80% of the country that isn’t crazy conservative dead-enders.  Yes, we liberals loathe Dubya, but it’s not like he didn’t go to extraordinary and unprecedented lengths to earn our hatred.  And, as Boehlert points out, Bush hatred is hardly an irrational or fringe position these days.

But by all means, keep screaming, conservatives.  Everybody loves that crazy guy who barges into the family restaurant screaming obscenities and racial slurs.  You go ahead and be that guy, that’ll totally get your message across.

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