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A whole bunch of kids are going to be messed up for life:


The correct (yet still inexplicable) answer can be found in the glvalentine comments, but I will not provide it here because the comments are too hilarious to miss. (I particularly like “Things found in the ocean. Some… more often than others.”)

(h/t shadowy & mysterious Codename V.)

March 23rd, 2009 at 10:34pm Posted by Eli

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Right-Wing Spin Of The Week

Gary Bauer (no relation to Jack, to his eternal regret) agrees that Gitmo is turning prisoners into terrorists… but not through mistreatment:

[W]hile many liberal commentators believe inhumane treatment and religious persecution transforms detainees into suicide bombers and high-level terrorists, I believe the opposite is true: that the unprecedented and extreme religious accommodation granted to Gitmo prisoners has created a culture of Islamic radicalization.


Media reports of life at Gitmo highlight the extreme accommodation of religious practice. Prison guards go through special sensitivity training. Each Muslim detainee is provided with a Koran, which, in accordance with Muslim teaching, is never touched by non-Muslims (i.e. the prison guards). Each prisoner receives prayer beads, culturally appropriate halal meals, prayer rugs, daily calls to prayer, and each cell contains a stenciled arrow pointing the way to Mecca.


Harsh treatment regularly comes from the prisoners themselves. Muslim detainees who decline to submit to radicalization are ostracized. As one Afghan detainee told the Miami Herald, “There were detainees who did not pray or who spoke with female soldiers. We stopped speaking with these men. Sometimes we beat them.” The culture of radicalization is so pervasive at Gitmo that some former U.S. officials have called it the “American madrassa.”

Yes, that’s right, Gitmo is breeding terrorists by being too nice. Amazingly, Bauer makes no mention of the two types of fruit.

March 23rd, 2009 at 09:44pm Posted by Eli

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How Bill O’Reilly Stands Up For Rape Victims

…By harassing bloggers who repeat terrible, hurtful things… that Bill O’Reilly said about them:

On March 1, ThinkProgress picked up on a story by News Hounds, which noted that Fox News host Bill O’Reilly — who has made controversial comments about rape victims in the past — was slated to speak at a March 19 fundraiser for the Alexa Foundation. The group is committed to supporting rape survivors.

Our post — which never criticized the Alexa Foundation — highlighted the fact that in the past, O’Reilly has implied that women who dress in a certain way or consume too much alcohol should perhaps expect to be raped. Here is what he said on his radio show on Aug. 2 about Jennifer Moore, an 18-year-old woman who was raped and murdered:

Now Moore, Jennifer Moore, 18, on her way to college. She was 5-foot-2, 105 pounds, wearing a miniskirt and a halter top with a bare midriff. Now, again, there you go. So every predator in the world is gonna pick that up at two in the morning. She’s walking by herself on the West Side Highway, and she gets picked up by a thug. All right. Now she’s out of her mind, drunk.


This weekend, while on vacation, I was ambushed by O’Reilly’s top hit man, producer Jesse Watters, who accosted me on the street and told me that because I highlighted O’Reilly’s comments, I was causing “pain and suffering” to rape victims and their families. He of course offered no proof to back up this claim, instead choosing to shout questions at me.

All those rape victims were just starting to put their lives back together, mercifully unaware of what BillO said about them, until those horrible woman-hating women at Think Progress blew the whistle.  Such compassion BillO has, that he feels their pain so acutely that he has to send his goons out to attack more women!

That is some seriously ballsy spin, right up there with when the administration claimed it was suppressing the second wave of Abu Ghraib photos to protect the torture victims from embarrassment.

And that’s without even delving into the fact that Watters and his cameraman actually staked out Amanda Terkel’s house and followed her car for two hours before ambushing her and her friend.  No, that’s not creepy or stalkerish at all.  And also not at all in complete violation of O’Reilly’s own policies, which are worth less than the airwaves they’re insincerely bloviated on.

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Worst. Neighbor. Ever.

This guy is so totally not getting a Christmas card.

Authorities said a 63-year-old man suspected of drunken driving crashed his pickup truck into a neighbor’s house, leaving a gaping hole and revealing a small marijuana farm inside. San Diego police got a search warrant after the Sunday afternoon crash and confiscated more than 20 pot plants from the house.

Police Sgt. David Jennings said no one was inside the house, and neighbors told officers the residents were gone on a ski trip.

Guys, if you’re reading this, you might want to extend that ski trip, and possibly take it to another country…

March 23rd, 2009 at 05:29pm Posted by Eli

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Monday Media Blogging – King Of Jazz Edition

Vintage dance madness!!!

Oh. My. God.  This guy might actually give the Nicholas Brothers a run for their money, at least in the elasticity/physically impossible department.

Not as amazing, but not without its own whimsical charm.

What the.

March 23rd, 2009 at 11:23am Posted by Eli

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Well, Which Is It, Republicans?

Are you the populist party that’s mad as hell about the AIG bonuses, or are you the corporatist party that will defend them to the death?

That was an easy one…

Senate Republicans are drawing out a flap that has made the Obama administration squirm, applying the brakes to Democratic attempts to quickly tax away most of the bonuses at troubled insurance giant AIG and other bailed-out companies.

Sen. Jon Kyl, the Republicans’ vote counter, blocked Democratic efforts Thursday evening to bring up the Senate version of the tax bill to recoup most of the $165 million paid out by AIG last weekend and other bonuses in 2009. The House had swiftly approved its version of the bill earlier in the day.

By rushing, Kyl said, Democrats were letting populist outrage trump informed decision-making in the Senate, which is supposed to be insulated from the pressures of public passion.

“I don’t believe that Congress should rush to pass yet another piece of hastily crafted legislation in this very toxic atmosphere, at least without understanding the facts and the potential unintended consequences,” Kyl said on the Senate floor. “Frankly, I think that’s how we got into the current mess.”

By defending AIG, they’re missing a golden opportunity to capitalize on popular outrage – but could they really do any different?  They have their principles, after all…

2 comments March 23rd, 2009 at 07:03am Posted by Eli

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