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Friday Quote & Cat Blogging

This week’s quote is from the very bizarre and quotable The Item:

We drove home in silence.  Just a mother and son covered in pig’s blood.  Happy days.

And, of course, there’ll be other people’s cats…

Aww!  The wee kitty is making biscuits on the big kitty!

March 27th, 2009 at 10:42pm Posted by Eli

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Introducing… K-Jo!


It has happened — IT! YOU KNOW OF WHAT WE SPEAK. Jonah Goldberg and Kathryn Jean Lopez have officially merged to become the ultimate destructo-bot of carnage and murder and death as foretold by ancient prophecy: The Fat Mexican Secretary. For there is currently a column by “Jonah Goldberg” on National Review called “Big Bedfellows,” and there is also currently a column by “Kathryn Jean Lopez” on Townhall called “Big Bedfellows,” and they’re the same article about how they fuck all the time, maybe.


I think there’s a perfectly innocent explanation for this.  I think it might have gone down something like this:

“Okay, I posted that op-ed you sent me – who did you say it was by again?”

“You know, that idiot from the National Review.”

March 27th, 2009 at 08:30pm Posted by Eli

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Rush Limbaugh Wins A Major Award

And I can’t think of a more deserving guy:

Rush Limbaugh, mocked as “Jabba the Nut” by free weekly Boston Phoenix, has been selected as the ugliest man of the year by the paper. The 99 runner-up unsexiest men of the year can be viewed at this link.

“America’s ugliest moment of 2009? Rush Limbaugh, his man-boobs a-jiggle, bouncing at the CPAC podium to bask in the sickly glow of conservatism’s orgy of greed, avarice, and arrogance,” the paper writes. “Here, at last, was the shining image of the 21st century Republican Party: a leeringly rich Baby Boomer squatting at the top of the mountain, reaping his jollies from the suffering of those at the bottom, praying for the failure of hope.

“If this hypocritical and morally repugnant reformed Oxy junkie wants to discuss “failure,” maybe we should talk about his career as an NFL commentator — or the last time he detoxed off prescription smack,” they add.


The paper explains, “To the masses, unsexiness is defined in superficial ways — pores big enough to drive Hummers through, and hair that grows like kudzu in unwanted places, and unexplained protuberances. Think Danny Bonaduce or Carrot Top (or virtually any man you can think of with red hair). To the faceless myrmidons here at Phoenix Unsexy Headquarters, however, unsexiness is an altogether different quality, defined instead by gypping jillions out of charities or punching your girlfriend or yelling at your cinematographer.”

“Our annual survey of the year’s Unsexiest Men is a corrective to this sort of deplorable behavior,” the Phoenix editors write. “Assembled by a watchful team with a low tolerance for hypocrisy, wastefulness, and unfunny comedians, our list holds men accountable for their rampantly unsexy ways. Consider this list a compendium of social subpoenae from the High Court of Sexiness.”

The runners-up are pretty deserving, too.

March 27th, 2009 at 06:02pm Posted by Eli

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But Who Will Think Of The Insurance Companies?

This sounds pretty good to me – it’s too bad it doesn’t stand a chance in Hell:

Challenging head-on the powerful private insurance and pharmaceutical industries, Vermont’s Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced a single-payer health reform bill, the American Health Security Act of 2009 (.pdf), in the U.S. Senate Wednesday. The bill is the first to directly take on the powerful lobbies blocking universal health reform in the Senate since Sen. Paul Wellstone’s tragic death.


Highlights of the bill include the following:

  1. Patients go to any doctor or hospital of their choice.
  1. The program is paid for by combining current sources of government health spending into a single fund with modest new taxes amounting to less than what people now pay for insurance premiums and out-of-pocket expenses.
  1. Comprehensive benefits, including coverage for dental, mental health, and prescription drugs.
  1. While federally funded, the program is to be administered by the states.
  1. By eliminating the high overhead and profits of the private, investor-owned insurance industry, along with the burdensome paperwork imposed on physicians, hospitals and other providers, the plan saves at least $400 billion annually – enough money to provide comprehensive, quality care to all.
  1. Community health centers are fully funded, giving the 60 million Americans now living in rural and underserved areas access to care.

Sigh.  I wish the bounds of what is politically possible were not defined by what powerful industries will allow.  ‘Cuz, and I know this will be a shock to a lot of people, the corporations do not actually have the country’s best interests at heart.

March 27th, 2009 at 11:37am Posted by Eli

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America The Banana Republic

Simon Johnson has a long but excellent piece in the Atlantic, talking about America’s economic situation from an IMF perspective.

To sum up, the US fell into the same lazy trap that typically characterizes emerging-market countries – namely, allowing the corporate/financial sector to capture the government to give themselves permission for risky, reckless behavior that imperils the economy, and to block the substantive reforms needed when their gambles all go to hell.

It’s great stuff, and you should read the whole thing.  I expect that kind of narrow-minded stupidity from Republicans, but it’s beyond disappointing when a Democrat lets the same corporations-must-always-win ethos guide his recovery plan, when the surest path to recovery is to let some corporations lose.

March 27th, 2009 at 06:54am Posted by Eli

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