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A Tincture Of Hypocrisy

No Republican who was not calling for Bush’s resignation or impeachment over the last three years of his term has any right to say this:

The Obama administration is bold. It also is careless regarding constitutional values and is acquiring a tincture of lawlessness.

George Will is kidding, right?  Please tell me he’s kidding and didn’t just rediscover his hunger for “constitutional values” and the rule of law when Obama put his hand on Abe Lincoln’s Bible.

May 14th, 2009 at 11:34pm Posted by Eli

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The Party Of New Ideas

The RNC’s new Genius Idea is to refer to the Democrats as the “Democrat Socialist Party.” No, seriously. And this was over Michael Steele’s objections, one of the few things he’s been right about.

So much for the GOP trying to get away from its image as the party of sneering negativity and moving forward with fresh new ideas. No, they’re going to see how far mean-spirited childishness can take them instead.

Good luck with that.

1 comment May 14th, 2009 at 11:23am Posted by Eli

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Wow, It’s Like Deja Vu

So Republicans successfully “filibustered” David Hayes’ appointment to the #2 post in Interior (a post he already held in the Clinton administration), and appear to have bottled up Dawn Johnsen’s nomination to head OLC and Harold Koh’s nomination for State’s legal adviser, using the awesome power of their 40 votes.

This is just like 2001, when Bush couldn’t get any of his nominees confirmed, in the face of implacable Democratic opposition and feckless Republican support.

Oh wait, no it isn’t.  In fact, Bush’s nominees to the same positions were all confirmed by voice vote. This has gotten completely out of hand – I thought filibusters were supposed to be a last resort for extraordinarily unsuitable appointees, not highly-qualified ones who happen to be ideologically similar to the president who nominated them.  The deference to the President’s choices on nominees that the Republicans were so insistent on for the last eight years has completely evaporated.

Not that this is a bit surprising – I actually would have been surprised if the Republicans weren’t wankers about this.  It’s just frustrating to me to realize that if Dubya were still President with this Senate, and appointing his usual totally unqualified ideologues who are an order of magnitude worse than Obama’s selections… they would all just sail right through.

May 14th, 2009 at 07:01am Posted by Eli

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