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3 comments June 17th, 2009at 07:33am Posted by Eli

Wow, what a surprise that “moderate” Republicans would be willing to cross the aisle and work with Blue Dogs to kill the public option – how generous and bipartisan of them!

Meanwhile, at roughly the same time, the health insurance companies themselves make a very compelling case in favor of the public option, by refusing to end their policy of revoking coverage for the flimsiest of excuses.

I think this will end badly – the anti-public-option forces seem a whole lot more committed and determined than the Obama administration and large chunks of the Democratic party.  And without a public option, healthcare “reform” will be nothing more than a windfall for the insurance industry as everyone is forced to buy health insurance from them, and the resentment against Obama and the Democrats for passing such a shitty plan will be very deep and very damaging.

It amazes me that they seem unable (or unwilling) to see this.  The electoral goodwill generated by genuine healthcare reform would be huge, just like the ill will generated by lousy healthcare reform, yet the Democrats don’t seem to realize it.  This is yet another instance where doing the right thing is also the politically shrewd thing, but apparently our fearless leaders believe that generous campaign donations fro the healthcare industry will balance out public outrage.  Good luck with that.

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  • 1. Cujo359  |  June 17th, 2009 at 1:10 pm

    This really is such an obvious thing, you’d think they’d get it. If there’s one thing that quickly breeds resentment, it’s the government costing us lots of money for no good reason.

  • 2. Eli  |  June 17th, 2009 at 5:25 pm

    I think they really do believe that money trumps all, that if they throw enough money at the voters, they’ll be able to overcome the bad taste in their mouths.

    Plus they know the party establishment will do all it can to squash primary opponents, and that the Republican take on healthcare is even worse than theirs. Might be enough to save their asses, might not. Depends on their opponents, and just how gullible and/or forgetful their constituents are.

  • 3. Cujo359  |  June 18th, 2009 at 3:25 am

    I don’t think it requires forgetfulness for people to think that if the Democrats aren’t going to deliver on health care, Iraq, or fixing the economy, they might as well vote for Republicans so that they can stop gays, abortions, and bans on assault rifles. If the Democrats don’t deliver something that makes their lives better, then there are plenty of people who will figure that voting Republican will at least make those other things better.

    There are only so many people who are fool enough to believe that what’s stopping Democrats from doing what’s needed is not having sixty Senators.

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