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Republicans Are Crazy

Some are violent:

VA-GOP CANDIDATE JUST SAID: … “We have the chance to fight this battle at the ballot box before we have to resort to the bullet box… That’s the beauty of our 2nd Amend rights.”

And some are just a little too… creative:

In the ad, a woman’s voice says:

Remember Barack Obama’s buddy Bill Ayers, the unrepentant terrorist who bombed American buildings in the 70’s? Turns out President Obama’s done it again – picked someone for the Supreme Court – Judge Sonia Sotomayor – who led a group supporting violent Puerto Rican terrorists. Is this radical judge the type of person America needs sitting on our highest court? What was he thinking? What was she thinking? Call your senators. Tell them to stop Sonia Sotomayor. Paid for by the Committee for Justice.

At one point, the ad also shows a picture of Judge Sotomayor alongside the text: “SUPPORTED VIOLENT TERRORISTS.”


As he prepared for Mr. Mandela’s visit, then-New York City Mayor David Dinkins made headlines when he spoke critically of Puerto Rican separatists who, in 1954, had stormed the United States House of Representatives and opened fire, wounding five Congressmen.

Three of those men, who were later pardoned by President Jimmy Carter, were scheduled to appear alongside Mr. Mandela at a rally in Harlem. But Mr. Dinkins called them “assassins” and said they should not be conflated with Mr. Mandela’s cause.

In response, the then-president of the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund, Ruben Franco, said Mr. Dinkins’ comments lacked sensitivity and a sense of history, according to a June 16, 1990, New York Times article about the incident.

“He doesn’t recognize that to many people in Puerto Rico, these are fighters for freedom and justice, for liberation, just as is Nelson Mandela, who himself advocated bearing arms,” Mr. Franco was quoted as saying.

Mr. Levey argued that it was accurate to accuse Judge Sonia Sotomayor of “supporting violent terrorists” because she was a member of the board of the legal defense fund at the time that Mr. Franco made that remark.

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The New Definition Of Libel

Apparently it is now defamatory to “accuse” someone of being a mere multimillionaire.  Or at least the Donald thinks so:

A judge in New Jersey dismissed on Wednesday a $5 billion defamation lawsuit filed by Donald J. Trump against an author whose book placed Mr. Trump’s personal wealth far below his public estimates.

Superior Court Judge Michele M. Fox in Camden, N.J., found there was insufficient evidence to allow the case to go to trial.

Mr. Trump sued the author, Timothy L. O’Brien, in 2006 after his book “Trump Nation: The Art of Being the Donald” placed Mr. Trump’s wealth at $150 million to $250 million, citing three confidential sources. Mr. Trump argued it was in the billions.

Mr. Trump failed to demonstrate “clear and convincing evidence to establish malice,” Judge Fox ruled, according to Bloomberg News.

Mr. Trump vowed to press further legal claims, insisting that his wealth was more than $5 billion when the book was released in 2005 and is more than $6 billion now.

“The libel laws in this country have never been fair,” he said. “We proved our case 100 percent. We’ll appeal and see what happens. Unfortunately, the court’s decision today condones the gross negligence, and lack of professionalism and bias on the part of a reporter.”

Gee, I don’t know how he could show his face in public if people thought he was only worth $250 million.  Then again, it’s not like that would be a bad thing.

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More Arena Construction Photoblogging

With a little more color than usual.

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Tell Me Again Why I Voted For Obama

This is just horrrible:

The Obama administration has objected to a provision in the 2010 defense funding bill currently before the Senate that would bar the military’s use of contractors to interrogate detainees.

The provision, strongly backed by Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl M. Levin (D-Mich.), describes interrogations as an “inherently governmental function” that “cannot be transferred to contractor personnel.” It would give the Defense Department one year from the bill’s enactment to ensure that the military had the resources to comply with it.


Obama and Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates “are as serious as a heart attack on this,” Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell said.

Fantastic.  Because that whole contract interrogators idea worked out sooo well.

This moment, in which the Attorney General of the United States claims to be considering the possibility of allowing our laws against torture to be enforced seems a good one in which to reveal that I have seen over 1,200 torture photos and a dozen videos that are in the possession of the United States military. These are photographs depicting torture, the victims of torture, and other inhuman and degrading treatment. Several videos show a prisoner intentionally slamming his head face-first very hard into a metal door. Guards filmed this from several angles rather than stopping it.


Were these Abu Ghraib photos all made public, but those from other times and places kept hidden, and were we unaware of the executive orders, Justice Department memos, presidential signing statements, congressional reports, Red Cross reports, presidential and vice presidential televised confessions, and so forth, the military could still claim this was the isolated work of a few “bad apples”. But we would have a better understanding of what that work was. And making these images available to the public, or merely to a special prosecutor, would suggest an interest in seeking accountability for those responsible but not present in the photographs. On the other hand, hiding the evidence while prosecuting the soldiers who posed in some of the photos looks increasingly like scapegoating for the benefit of the Military Intelligence, CIA, and contractors who instructed the soldiers, as well as the commanders all the way up to the Secretary of Defense who encouraged torture, the lawyers who sought to provide immunity, and the president and vice president who gave the authorizations….

I very much hope that AG Holder is allowed to pursue his investigation into this, but given the administration’s stance on contractors, it’s pretty hard to imagine that he won’t find some excuse to avoid it, or else just quietly drop it or turn it into a whitewash.

Obama is doing a really piss-poor job of earning my trust.  In fact, at this point it would be more accurate to say that he’s earning my distrust.

July 16th, 2009 at 10:19am Posted by Eli

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