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July 11th, 2009at 04:44pm Posted by Eli

The Washington Post is part of the problem.

Close to the end of OmbudAndy’s long assessment of his paper’s Pay2Play scandal, he includes this tidbit:

Brauchli conferred with Pelton about the salon dinners. At one point they showed up at the newsroom desk of reporter Ceci Connolly, who covers health care, which was to be the discussion topic of the July 21 dinner. Subsequently, she said, “Charles asked me for some contact phone numbers and e-mails, which I provided.”


A week later, the flier was distributed to the ad sales staff.

At the same time, e-mails were being sent over Weymouth’s name to lawmakers and others inviting them to the July 21 dinner. They said she, Brauchli and “health care reporter Ceci Connolly” were hosting the evening. An accompanying invitation said it would be off the record and noted that it would be underwritten by a single sponsor, Kaiser Permanente. [my emphasis]

Somehow I just knew Ceci Connolly would be involved in this Pay2Play.

That’s because she has spent the last month “reporting” stories that scold progressives for insisting on real reform….


Ceci Connolly is a reporter with an egregious bias for the status quo and unquestioning beltway “centrism” (never mind that the beltway is far to the right of the country on this).

What a surprise, then, that she was not only the beat reporter dangled out to participants in the Pay2Play dinner, but was also asked to help facilitate the presence of her sources.

But don’t worry, the WaPo wasn’t selling coverage to those who want to silence those looking for real reform. They appear to have already done so.

No one could have anticipated that handing the keys over to a lobbyist would make the Washington Post hopelessly corrupt.

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