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The Crazy Goes Up To 11!

Wow, this sounds like an awful lot of batshit in one building at the same time:

Conservatives gathered at a Hilton hotel in St. Louis over the weekend for the “How to Take Back America Conference,” a Phyllis Schlafly-hosted gathering where the faithful gathered to discuss issues such as “How To Counter The Homosexual Extremist Movement,” “How To Stop Socialism In Health Care” and “How To Recognize Living Under Nazis & Communists.”

Among the prominent speakers who traveled to St. Louis for the conference were former Arkansas Gov. and GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, Republican Reps. Tom McClintock, Tom Price, Steve King and Michele Bachmann, and “Joe the Plumber,” aka Samuel Wurzelbacher.


Schlafly went on to suggest that Americans are “waking up” and that they don’t want “our country to be run by czars,” which she called “a Russian idea.” She said of her organization, Eagle Forum, “fighting feminists is still our main object,” arguing that feminism is “the most destructive force in the world.

(I sure hope the agenda features a debate between Schlafly and Jerry Boykin, who said that “there is no greater threat to America than Islam”…)

On the conference’s Web site, there is only one section available under the “listen & take action” tab: “HOMOSEXUAL EXTREMIST MOVEMENT.” There, Liberty University School of Law Associate Dean Matt Barber writes that “the sin of homosexuality is the bunker-buster bomb in this war against morality.”

“The very firm response by defenders of Biblical truth to the homosexual lobby’s relentless assault on our nation’s Judeo-Christian tradition is indeed a defensive reaction, not an act of aggression,” he says. “The sheer mechanics of homosexual conduct very naturally elicits revulsion in most rational folk. Therefore, most of us would prefer not to even imagine it, much less struggle to defend against its wholesale promotion. But regrettably, our hand has been forced.”

Oh, and Mike Huckabee wants to jackhammer away the part of Manhattan with the UN on it and float it out to sea.

It never ceases to amaze and terrify me that there are millions of people who take these backward freaks seriously.  Has America always had this many crazy/stupid people, or did the GOP somehow perfect the science of wacko husbandry?

(h/t WT)

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Quote Of The Day

The comedic stylings of Dana Perino:

For two years, the Democrats have charged that Republicans are the “party of no,” and that’s grated on many nerves. Republicans have been talking about their proposals so much their faces are nearly blue. They’ve offered ideas to address the challenge of improving health care in America, but because they don’t have the bully pulpit and can’t get a word in edgewise, their ideas get lost.

Ah yes, those poor, poor Republicans, always ignored by the media, completely unable to ever get any coverage or appear on any of the talking head shows.

Special Bonus Quote:

As a good friend from North Carolina used to tell me, “Nobody likes change except a baby.”

That explains why Obama was crushed in a landslide defeat last year.  More than anything else, Americans want to maintain the status quo, because it’s TOTALLY AWESOME.

September 28th, 2009 at 07:45pm Posted by Eli

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Monday Media Blogging

Hey, remember that great Where The Hell Is Matt? video and its various followups?

Well, I found another one:

Now that is a little more my speed.

September 28th, 2009 at 11:23am Posted by Eli

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Republicans Are Sociopaths, Vol. DCLXVII

Still no sign that the conservative movement is going to be pulling back from the brink of insanity anytime soon…

First off, Dan Riehl speculates that census worker Bill Sparkman was murdered because he was a pedophile. Right, because “FED” is totally what you would write on someone’s chest if you killed them for being a child molester.  Maybe it was to throw cops off the scent, or maybe the killer thought “pedophile” is spelled with an F.

And then you have some random Facebook moron who put up a poll on whether or not President Obama should be killed. Fantastic.  I guess it must be because Obama’s a fedophile.

Ya know, as frustrated and disappointed as I am that the Democratic Party has been almost completely captured by corporate interests, at least I can console myself it’s not the party that’s been taken over by amoral gibbering maniacs.

September 28th, 2009 at 07:22am Posted by Eli

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