At Long Last, Some Sense Of Decency

September 1st, 2009at 11:24am Posted by Eli

Wow, so there’s at least one conservative who finds the crazy right-wing teabagger fringe embarrassing:

This is just hideously embarrassing for the Right.

[T]he Web site says that the government is considering Nazi-like concentration camps for dissidents. Jerome Corsi, the author of “The Obama Nation,” an anti-Obama book, says that a proposal in Congress “appears designed to create the type of detention center that those concerned about use of the military in domestic affairs fear could be used as concentration camps for political dissidents, such as occurred in Nazi Germany.”

In the 1960’s, William F. Buckley denounced the John Birch Society leadership for being “so far removed from common sense” and later said “We cannot allow the emblem of irresponsibility to attach to the conservative banner.”

The Birthers are the Birchers of our time, and WorldNetDaily is their pamphlet.  The Right has mostly ignored these embarrassing people and organizations, but some people and organizations inexplicably choose to support WND through advertising and email list rental or other collaboration.  For instance, I have been told that F.I.R.E (The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) – an otherwise respectable group that does important work – uses the WND email list.  They should stop.

No respectable organization should support the kind of fringe idiocy that WND peddles.  Those who do are not respectable.

Good luck convincing the rest of the right, Mr. Henke – they all seem to find the teabaggers either awesome, useful, harmless, or too terrifying to oppose, it’s hard to tell which.  (“That was a real good thing you done, Teabaggers, real fine…”)

I just hope he’s right about how badly the nuts discredit the Republican Party – I’d love to see the GOP have to choose between pandering to the crazy base and winning elections.

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