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Olympic Prediction

The 2016 Olympics will have The Most Awesome Opening Ceremony Ever.

And probably the first ever to be available only on Pay-Per-View.

October 2nd, 2009 at 07:53pm Posted by Eli

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Wanker Of The Day

Apparently John Boehner needs to get out more:

Boehner claimed, with a semi-straight face, that he has yet to meet a regular “American” who favors the option — despite polls showing that a majority of voters support to the idea of having the choice of a government plan.

“I’m still trying to find the first American to talk to who’s in favor of the public option, other than a member of  Congress or the administration” said Boehner, whose sole recent foray into a public discussion of health care reform was a tea-party-style event in Ohio a few weeks back.

“I’ve not talked to one and I get to a lot of places,” he told reporters at his weekly press availability. “I’ve not had anyone come up to me — I know I’m inviting them — and lobby for the public option .

“This is about as unpopular as a garlic milkshake.”

I don’t know why Boehner wants to brag about how he lives in a Dubya-bubble and only talks to other Republicans, but maybe that’s considered a good thing in his district.

October 2nd, 2009 at 07:36am Posted by Eli

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Why Am I Not Encouraged?

I can’t remember the last time one of Harry’s guarantees didn’t turn out to be complete bullshit – he’s like the anti-Namath.  Worse yet, he even backed off on his own guarantee to echo Obama’s weasel words on the public option:

[O]n Thursday Reid reportedly told a conference call of Nevadans that: “We are going to have a public option before this bill goes to the president’s desk.”

“I believe the public option is so vitally important to create a level playing field and prevent the insurance companies from taking advantage of us,” Reid added.

UPDATE: Reid’s office clarifies his remarks in a statement sent over from an aide to the Senator.

“Sen. Reid believes that health insurance reform must include a mechanism to keep insurers honest, create competition and keep costs down,” the statement reads. “He feels that the public option is the best way to do that. While we don’t know exactly what that option will look like, Sen. Reid, working with President Obama, will ensure that whatever is included in the final bill does just that.”

What could possibly go wrong?

October 2nd, 2009 at 07:24am Posted by Eli

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