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Wait… What?

Okay, so I can understand how Republicans and Blue Dogs might think a House resolution honoring Confucius (or anyone else) is perhaps not the best use of their time these days, what the healthcare reform and the recession and all, but then why show up to vote No in the first place?  Is a Nay somehow less time-consuming than a Yea?

And are votes to welcome the Archbishop of Constantinople and congratulate Northwestern’s women’s lacrosse team less time-consuming or frivolous than the one for Confucius?  Because none of them had any problem with those.  Yes, I’m sure that must have been it – honoring Catholics and Americans is just so much quicker than honoring Asians.

October 29th, 2009 at 08:13pm Posted by Eli

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La Jolla Grunge Photoblogging

Yes, even La Jolla has grungy stuff like manhole covers – it even has manhole covers within manhole covers!  Awesome.

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Who’s The Wanker?

Is it Obama, for secretly opposing the public option he claimed to want?

Is it Joe Lieberman, for vowing to join the Republican filibuster against it?

Or is it Harry Reid, for once again completely failing to get an accurate whip count?  I know there have been other occasions where Harry has guaranteed that he had the votes to pass something or block something, and it turned out he wasn’t even close.  Does he base this on any kind of evidence, or just some kind of gut feeling or misguided belief that his caucus will go along with him without any arm-twisting or horse-trading at all?

If Harry did ask Lieberman if he’d join the filibuster, and Lieberman said no, then shouldn’t Harry be doubly pissed at Lieberman for lying to him and making him look like a fool?  Pissed enough to maybe try to take his gavel away?

And if Harry didn’t even bother to ask Lieberman, then he is a fool.

I’m pretty disgusted by this whole situation, but all three of these wankers are just being true to themselves: Obama the feckless non-progressive compromiser, Lieberman the not-so-stealth Republican, and Harry the clueless “leader” completely out of touch with his caucus.  I can at least give Harry credit for trying to do the right thing.

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