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Grotesque Irony Of The Week

How. Dare. They.

Citing the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s call to civil disobedience, 145 evangelical, Roman Catholic and Orthodox Christian leaders have signed a declaration saying they will not cooperate with laws that they say could be used to compel their institutions to participate in abortions, or to bless or in any way recognize same-sex couples.

“We pledge to each other, and to our fellow believers, that no power on earth, be it cultural or political, will intimidate us into silence or acquiescence,” it says.

These bastards actually invoked Martin Luther King’s name in their mission to oppose civil rights.  That’s even more monstrous than Dick Armey studying Saul Alinsky.

November 20th, 2009 at 10:49pm Posted by Eli

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Good Comeback, But Not Good Enough

I forgot to hit this yesterday, to my eternal shame:

Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Tex.) just gave a severe tongue-lashing to Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner moments ago in the Joint Economic committee, concluding with a surprising call for Geithner to resign. For a change, Geithner didn’t just sit there and take it.


“Will you step down from your post?” Brady asked, concluding his statement.

Geithner shot back: “It is a great privilege for me to serve this president. I agree with almost nothing you said, almost nothing you said represents a fair and accurate picture of the economy today.” He told Brady, “You gave this president an economy falling off a cliff.”


Geithner then directed his criticism back to the Bush administration, accusing it of “either years of basic neglect of basic public goods in health care, in education…in how we use energy and fixing those problems is the central objective of this administration.”

Brady shot back: “Tell that to the millions of Americans who no longer have jobs because of your decisions.

Geithner would not take the criticism lying down: “They would have had more jobs and more confidence and more employment in this country if we had not let this crisis get to the point it did.” Geithner said the Bush administration should have spent “eight years of paying for our commitments instead of borrowing against them.”

Shorter Geithner: “My incompetence wouldn’t be such a big deal if you guys had been doing your jobs for the last eight years.”  Burn!

2 comments November 20th, 2009 at 07:23pm Posted by Eli

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Most Appropriate Name Of The Day

Alan Blinder:

The People Who Couldn’t See an $8 Trillion Housing Bubble and Thought Iceland Was Thriving Oppose Auditing the Fed

That is what Alan Blinder tells us in a Washington Post column today. Blinder tells us that the vast majority of academic economists and people in the financial industry oppose efforts to make the Fed more accountable to Congress. (He also bizarrely asserts that “very, very few” people support more Congressional control of the Fed. This would seem to be inconsistent with the support for the Paul-Grayson bill to audit the Fed.)

Why would anyone argue for less accountability and transparency?  Especially when there are no national security ramifications?

November 20th, 2009 at 11:35am Posted by Eli

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So Much For “I’m Just Voting My District”…

Okay, so it’s technically only the Democratic primary.  But if the excuse the Blue Dogs and ConservaDems offer up for voting against meaningful healthcare reform is that they have to do it to hold onto their seats, some primary losses sure would make that excuse look foolish (and also, good riddance).

I don’t have much of an expectation that conservative Democrats will vote for healthcare reform (or financial reform, or climate change reform, or…) out of conscience or a desire to do the right thing, but if they do it out of fear, I can live with that.  Although I’d still rather see them gone, even if it means they’re replaced by real Republicans instead of real Democrats.  Just so long as the Democrats have enough members left to hold onto their majorities so we don’t have to put up with frivolous investigations and impeachment attempts every five minutes.

November 20th, 2009 at 07:14am Posted by Eli

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