DeMint Tea Party At The GOPurity Ball

November 23rd, 2009at 09:07pm Posted by Eli

Well, just in case anyone was still wondering whether the GOP intended to stop galloping hard to the right, the answer is still “Hell to the no!”

Ad Nags has the story on how Republicans will be forced to pledge their faithfulness to the Daddy Party:

The battle among Republicans over what the party should stand for — and how much it should accommodate dissenting views on important issues — is probably going to move from the states to the Republican National Committee when it holds its winter meeting this January in Honolulu.

Republican leaders are circulating a resolution listing 10 positions Republican candidates should support to demonstrate that they “espouse conservative principles and public policies” that are in opposition to “Obama’s socialist agenda.” According to the resolution, any Republican candidate who broke with the party on three or more of these issues– in votes cast, public statements made or answering a questionnaire – would be penalized by being denied party funds or the party endorsement.

And Politico has a story on Jim DeMint backing far-right primary challengers to establishment GOP incumbents, and how moderate Republicans are begging him to rub his magic crazy dust on them:

A favorite of the tea party crowd and a longtime scourge for Democrats and some Republicans alike inside the Senate chamber, DeMint has emerged as the leading benefactor for any Republican who wants to challenge the establishment candidates backed by the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

DeMint has already endorsed conservative Assemblyman Chuck DeVore over party favorite Carly Fiorina in the California Senate race and was the first member of Congress to back conservative Marco Rubio over Gov. Charlie Crist in the closely watched Florida Senate race. He has been openly considering an endorsement of a conservative political unknown in the Illinois Senate race against moderate Republican Rep. Mark Kirk.

And in a sign of his growing influence, several of the party’s more moderate candidates are looking for DeMint’s support to give them some conservative street cred, like Rob Simmons of Connecticut and Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, who have begun to reach out to the junior senator from South Carolina.

These moves are signs that candidates believe a blessing from DeMint not only may hold off right-wing challenges in the Republican primaries but also could open up new lines of funding from an increasingly passionate, grass-roots conservative movement.

Part of me is scared by the GOP’s determination to become ever more insane; part of me is hopeful that they will embrace their crazy base so tightly that everyone else is afraid to vote for them… and part of me wishes the Democrats would show half as much consideration to their base, which in my perhaps not-entirely-unbiased opinion is nowhere near as batshit as the people who think that Glenn Beck is onto something rather than on something, and that Obama is a Kenyan islamosocialofascist who wants to kill their grandma.

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