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A Day Without Bitching Is Like A Day Without Sunshine

Hey, you know what would be the awfullest thing ever?  If we got single-payer healthcare, EFCA, ENDA, gay marriage, strong financial and environmental regulations, an end to the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, and prosecutions for all of BushCo’s criminals.  Why, us backseat bitchers wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves and would all become very sad.

So, to sum up Tweety’s argument:

o The netroots don’t really have anything substantive to complain about, we just complain for the sheer joy of complaining.

o The netroots never actually take any kind of action, just sit around and complain.  (Now, if he wanted to argue that we’re not nearly as effective at moving Congress or Obama than multimillion-dollar corporate donors and Fox News, I would probably have to concede that point.)

o The netroots know nothing about governance or campaigning, even though many of its members have run for office and/or worked in government for years.

o The people who actually do run our country have an abundance of both the desire and the knowledge to govern it, and are not just facilitating its continued looting by the aforementioned multimillion-dollar corporate donors.

o As usual, the Village and our professional political class are Serious; the netroots are Not.

That about cover it?

December 17th, 2009 at 06:54pm Posted by Eli

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63 MILLION Dollars!

That is the staggering sum that it would take to extend benefits to the domestic partners of gay and lesbian federal government employees.  Why, I bet that eclipses even the Defense Department’s annual stapler budget!  No wonder a totally not-homophobic budget hawk like Joe Lieberman opposes it – he’s all about the fiscal responsibility:

“I believe this legislation is really on the right side of history,” Lieberman said. “The basic point here is federal employees should not have to choose between their commitment to federal public service and their commitment to their families because they get fewer protections for their families than they could receive from private employers.”

(See?  Totally Not Homophobic!)

Lieberman and [Republican Senator Susan] Collins said they were happy to see the bill move forward, but they would not seek time on the Senate calendar for debate until OPM explained how it planned to pay for the benefits it would begin providing to the domestic partners of gay and lesbian federal employees.


Collins said she was “very disappointed” OPM had not provided the final plan, but added she had been told the Office of Management and Budget was reviewing a proposed list. Lieberman said the strategy for making the benefits cost-neutral was critical to the bill’s ultimate passage.

“We will not move it on the floor of the Senate until we get that explicit offset so this is a deficit-neutral step,” he said.

I think this is very responsible.  I would hate to think that we might have to sacrifice half a day of operations in Afghanistan or something.

December 17th, 2009 at 12:47pm Posted by Eli

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