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Labor = Charlie Brown, Obama = Lucy


At what point is the labor movement going to realize that it’s getting punked?

Eleven months into office, President Obama has proven to be one of the most union-friendly White House occupants in recent memory. His staff is in constant contact with union officials, granting them access and input given to few other organizations. And yet, on some of the major legislative items, his administration has disappointed labor: an economic recovery plan that was too fixated on Wall Street, the punting of the Employee Free Choice Act until 2010 and the willingness to drop a public option for insurance coverage.

Labor leaders are loath to publicly criticize Obama, in part because they remain acutely aware of the benefits of staying in his (and WH chief of staff Rahm Emanuel’s) good favor. But in private, there is a growing “frustration,” as one union official put it. And as it became clear that the Senate was settling on a health care bill that taxes high-end plans (which cover many union members as well as other workers) and includes no additional government-run plan for insurance, a hint of that frustration seeped to the surface.

“What I want the president to do is to work with the conferees on the issues that he has said from the very beginning are important to him and say we have a chance to get some of those done, particularly the ones that relate to making sure that people who don’t have insurance will be able to afford what is made available,” SEIU President Andy Stern declared in a conference call this past week. “We need his moral suasion. We need his personal involvement and we are totally convinced that what we want done is what he wants done. And all we can do is maximize the effort.”

I think it’s blindingly obvious at this point that staying on Obama’s good side has bought Labor exactly nothing, and will continue to buy them nothing.  If they don’t start threatening to withhold their support (not just votes, but GOTV and organizational muscle) in the 2010 and 2012 elections, they will continue to get diddly-squat from the Obama White House.

The unions need to stop begging for scraps and start using their leverage.  No more “pretty please”; it’s time for “or else”.

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Wednesday Why-I-Love-The-Weekly-World-News Blogging

Zombie Griffith

The Weekly World News scopes out the real backstory behind Parker Griffith’s defection:

Yesterday freshman Congressman Griffith announced he will be leaving the Democratic party and joining the Republicans.

In front of a small press conference, Griffith announced “he believes our nation is at a crossroads and can no longer align himself with a party that hurts our country, hurts our economy, and sucks at beer pong.”  No reporters at the event questioned why Griffith was talking about himself in the third person.  He was also wearing white skull face paint and a top hat, which no one bothered to ask about.

Voodoo is believed to be at the heart of Parker Griffith’s party change.  People close to him have reported that drastic changes in his personality, including referring to himself in the third person, all started when he received a mysterious package in the mail.  The package contained a small charm; upon wearing it, Griffith began acting differently.  Aside from the top hat and chain smoking cigars, the most notable change has been the announcement of his change in political parties.

Since falling from power, Republicans have been voracious to regain political muscle.  The GOP has gone to any length to debilitate the Democratic “Super Majority.”  They even reached out and told Joe Lieberman he was “cool” to acquire his support.  Lieberman has not taken off his leather jacket since.  Enlisting the forces of Voodoo to sway Democrats to their cause would be little sacrifice compared to spending time with Lieberman.

This would not be the first time Voodoo has worked its way into the US Congress.  During the Reconstruction, Georgia Congressman Danforth Seward went before Congress to speak in favor of northern policies. His speech was interrupted by what appeared to be several stabbing pains before his genitals suddenly caught fire.  A lower Louisiana district elected a Zombie into congress in 1813, who was re-elected in 1817 and 1832.

I’m pretty sure Griffith will not be the only zombie in the Republican caucus.

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