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December 9th, 2009at 07:58pm Posted by Eli

Politico’s Victoria McGrane bemoans Barney Frank’s Unbecoming Lack Of Civility:

Barney Frank blows up at people. It’s what he does.


Frank’s trademark flashes of anger and impatience have gained a new prominence in the past year as Frank himself has grown in importance. He’s now chairman of one of the most influential House committees, which takes up financial reform legislation starting Wednesday that is both a political and policy imperative for the Obama administration.

But now financial lobbyists — Democrats and Republicans — say privately that Frank’s actions on regulatory reform have grown as volatile as his moods. Even some of his most ardent defenders acknowledge Frank has a thin skin. And they say the usually measured policymaker is being forced into an usual position: making calculations based on political pressure from fellow Democrats in ways he never needed to in the past.


Some Republicans say they expect more from a committee chairman as powerful as Frank, that he needs to tone down his wisecracking and outsized personality to show he’s serious about heading up efforts to pass such a critical bill.

“He really does lash out at people who criticize what he’s doing with a lot of partisan attacks, that are not based really in fact. They are really just very angry kind of anti-Bush, anti-Republican charges,” said Peter Wallison, a former Reagan administration official who is now co-director of financial policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute.

“That, I think, is kind of ungracious on his part, or at least on the part of a chairman of a committee. He really shouldn’t be behaving quite as politically and as partisan … as he tends to when he gets under pressure,” Wallison said.

I guess we’ve all been spoiled by how genteel and gracious the Republican committee chairs were during the Duba years.

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