Wankers Of The Month, Part II

December 4th, 2009at 11:39am Posted by Eli

Surely I can’t be the only one who desperately wants to smack these self-important assholes upside the head:

Some of President Obama’s wealthiest supporters are becoming a bit whiny, and it has nothing to do with policy.

Tickets for tours of the presidential residence are scarce, even for those who raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for last year’s campaign. Private fundraisers tend to be brief, businesslike affairs. And there have been no sleepovers in the Lincoln Bedroom, weekends at Camp David or intimate lunches with the first couple.

Nearly a year into his presidency, that pattern has led some top Democratic donors across the country to grumble that they aren’t getting the kind of personal attention from Obama and access to the White House they became used to during the eight years of Bill Clinton’s presidency.

“I’ve had almost no communication with the White House,” said Chris Korge, a top supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton from Miami who later collected $5.5 million for Obama, making him one of the president’s biggest fundraisers.

Korge said his only visit to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. was a St. Patrick’s Day event. He complained in a recent interview that the administration has done little to reward the president’s donors or tap into their experience and wisdom.

“There is no connection between the administration and money people,” he said. “If they do have any connection . . . it is very limited as far as the fun stuff is concerned.”

There are probably millions of non-gazillionaire Obama supporters who worked their asses off and contributed money they couldn’t afford, who are bitterly disappointed by Obama systematically betraying almost every single progressive ideal and their hopes that he would take decisive action to fix everything Bush broke, and these entitled jackasses are whining because they’re not getting stroked enough?  Bite me.

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