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I love Al Gore, really, I do, and I wish he had won in 2000, and that he had run in 2008.  But I can’t help wondering…

If he had won in 2000, would Lieberman have become the first Vice President in history to break a 50-50 tie in the Senate by voting with the other party?

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Pay No Attention To The Crazy Bigotry Behind The Curtain

Hmm, I wonder if some of the conservatives are finally realizing that craziness and bigotry, well, kinda makes them look bad.  First their efforts to keep the CA Prop 8 trial off-camera, and now this:

Word from Nashville on Monday was that the First National Tea Party Convention next month will be closed to the press, other than for a limited number of “selected” journalists. No word on who or how many.

This from the people who brought us last summer’s media-saturated Town Hall meetings.

The restrictions apparently apply to the much-anticipated speeches by Sarah Palin and Minnesota’s own Michele Bachmann.

Organizers say that journalists without passes will not be allowed into the convention at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. (A Star Tribune request for a pass was denied, the paper’s interest in covering its home-state congresswoman notwithstanding).

Convention spokesman Judson Phillips informs us that most of the sessions are closed “at the request” of the presenters. “Given the media interest, I don’t want the sessions disrupted and overrun with the media,” he said.

While organizers are offering to help set up interviews with speakers, they said Palin will not be available.

Since when have Palin or Bachmann ever shied away from the media spotlight?  Something has changed.

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