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So let me get this straight: Obama and the Democrats win a decisive landslide election on a message of Change in general and healthcare reform in particular, then proceed to pervert it into a series of capitulations and corporate giveaways… but the reason that a Democrat is struggling to win Teddy Kennedy’s seat in one of the most progressive states in the country against a transparently dishonest scumbag is that Obama is too liberal?

Yes, Ad Nags really does try to make that case, with help from some Republicans and progressive Democratic stalwarts like Evan Bayh and Bob Kerrey.  It’s insane on its face, yet far too many pivotal Democrats (Rahm Emanuel comes to mind) and their consultants buy into this belief that every Democratic defeat is a repudiation of progressivism and every Democratic victory is a vindication of corporate centrism.

And what’s the result?  Every single time, the progressive Democratic base gets demoralized and stays home, and the Democrats get their asses kicked… which they promptly interpret as a sign that their raging liberalism scared off the swing voters and they have to move farther to the right.

If Coakley loses, or even wins by less than 20 points, Obama & Co. should take heed that maybe, just maybe, “Vote for Coakley or forever lose your once-in-a-lifetime chance to be forced to buy shitty private health insurance” is not an inspiring GOTV message, not even if you try to pretend that Teddy would have wanted it that way.

I think there are at least two factors working together in the Democrats’ string of corporate sellouts.  One is that they have absolutely no stomach for taking on the powerful economic elites (which they themselves are in fact members of), and the other is the media red shift wherein right-wing positions are described as “centrist” and broadly popular positions are described as “left” or “far left”.

The media reinforce the Democrats’ belief that their moneyed elite bubble is somehow representative of America, and reassuring them that selling out on healthcare or financial reform is okay because only the far left radical crazy fringe wants real reform, and surely it’s never bad to repudiate or ignore radical crazies, right?

One final point about the difference between Democrats and Republicans and their relationship with their bases: Where the Democrats display so little loyalty or respect for a base they apparently see as embarrassing leftist hippies, the Republicans embrace theirs, at least publicly (of course, thanks to the media, even the craziest of teabaggers are considered merely “conservative” rather than “batshit insane”).

They stroke them, they identify them, and they always make sure they look like they’re fighting for them.  True, they don’t always win (abortion and homosexuality are still legal, after all), but it’s because they don’t have the numbers, not because they compromise their objectives into oblivion.  As I’ve said before and will continue saying, it is better to fight for the right thing and lose than to fight for the wrong thing and win.

January 17th, 2010 at 02:53pm Posted by Eli

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Sunday Mr. Deity Blogging

Apparently the human brain isn’t upgradable.  Shame about the flash memory being so expensive; if Mr. D could have just waited a few more years…

January 17th, 2010 at 12:45pm Posted by Eli

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