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Republican Strategy In A Nutshell

Hey, can you hold this flaming bag of shit for me?

Don’t worry, I’ll take it back and refill it when you’re done.

H/T J-Ro.

January 22nd, 2010 at 11:35am Posted by Eli

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Cenk Uygur And Drew Westen Speak For Me

They’re essentially saying the same thing: That Obama needs to be a lot more forceful and stop deferring to Republicans.


That’s how you get the opposition to vote with you. Who cares if their feelings are hurt, you’ll get their votes if, and only if, they think their seat is on the line. Politics is almost always a matter of naked self-interest. Make it politically perilous for them to vote against you and all of a sudden they’ll be in a lot more bipartisan mood.

This is one of the few things George Bush did well. Why do you think all those Democrats voted for the Iraq War, because they liked Bush? Because he asked them nicely? No, he made them believe that they will lose their seats if they didn’t vote with him. And all of a sudden, he had a solid bipartisan vote in favor his policy.


It’s time to stand up for what you believe and challenge the craven positions of your opposition. It’s time to show the American people that the Republicans are not on their side. They’re with the bankers and the lobbyists. And we’re coming for them. We’re coming to their house. They can either get out of our way or get crushed. Come on, let’s play ball. Let’s fuck these guys up.


[T]he story of health insurance played right into the story that lies behind the looming tsunami that swept away Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat and will sweep away so many more Democratic seats if the Democrats draw the wrong conclusions from this election. The White House just couldn’t seem to “get” that the American people could see that they were constantly coming down on the side of the same bankers who were foreclosing people’s homes and shutting off the credit to small business owners, when they should have been helping the people whose homes were being foreclosed and the small businesses that were trying to stay afloat because of the recklessness of banks that were now starving them. Americans were tired of hearing Obama “exhort” bankers and speculators to play nice as they collected their record bonuses for a heckuva job in 2009. It took him a year to float the idea of making them pay for a fraction of the damage they had done, and at this point, few Americans have any faith that a tax on big banks will ever become law or that the costs won’t just be passed on to them in new fees.

….A stimulus — including a jobs program — strong enough to prevent the hemorrhaging of 700,000 jobs a month and a muscular approach to the bad actors who had crashed the economy would have gotten the public firmly behind the President and the Democrats, demonstrating to the average voter that they have a choice between one party that’s on their side and another that’s not. Instead, the White House just blurred the lines between the parties so the average American couldn’t tell the difference.

With all its efforts to tack to the center, the White House missed the point. The issue isn’t about right or left. It’s about whose side you’re on. In Massachusetts, the voters believe they know. It’s now up to the President and his party to convince the American people otherwise.

The bottom line is that Obama and the Democrats need to make it clear that they are the party of the American people, and the Republicans are the party of the corporations.  Dare the Republicans to vote against the American people in a time of economic crisis, just like Bush (dishonestly) dared the Democrats to vote against national security in a time of irrational fear.  Clearly and aggressively define what the Republicans are voting for or against, and make them own it.

January 22nd, 2010 at 07:35am Posted by Eli

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