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Did I Miss Something?

Kathleen Parker wrings her hands over Bart Stupak’s terrible, horrible betrayal of the pro-life movement (and I’m pretty sure she’s not the only one):

Poor Bart Stupak. The man tried to be a hero for the unborn, and then, when all the power of the moment was in his frail human hands, he dropped the baby. He genuflected when he should have dug in his heels and gave it up for a meaningless executive order.

Now, in the wake of his decision to vote for a health-care bill that expands public funding for abortion, he is vilified and will forever be remembered as the guy who Stupaked health-care reform and the pro-life movement.


Alas, Stupak couldn’t hold.

Ultimately, he was weak and overwhelmed by raw political power. History is no stranger to such moments, but this one needs to be understood for what it was. A deception.

You would think from all this moaning and lamenting that the healthcare reform bill means free abortions for everybody, not the eventual end of insurance coverage for them.

It’s a strange world we live in.  The anti-choice people won big and act like they lost; the public-option people lost big and act like they won.

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GOP Smash!!!

So this is apparently the GOP’s Brilliant Messaging Strategy:

Outside, the [anti-health care reform] demonstrators… arranged themselves on the lawn to spell the word “NO.”

By the time Minority Leader John Boehner took the floor at about 10 pm, the mood on the floor was barely distinguishable from the mood on the lawn outside. “Shame on each and every one of you,” the Republican leader yelled at the Democrats, as the GOP lawmakers gave him a standing ovation. Boehner said the Democrats were a “disgrace” to Jeffersonian values.

“Hell, no, you can’t!” Boehner shouted at the Democrats.

“No, you can’t! No, you can’t!” echoed the protesters outside.

“No, you can’t!”  Very catchy, very positive and uplifting, much like “I hope he fails.” How can the American people not vote for that kind of exciting vision for the future?  It truly evokes the nihilism at the core of the Republican Party: When they’re the opposition party, they obstruct everything and everyone, and when they’re the ruling party they dedicate themselves to destroying the Constitution and the government’s capacity to do good (i.e., regulation, oversight, infrastructure, social programs, etc.).

The vandals smashing up Democratic offices and the bigoted teabaggers screaming slurs at Democratic representatives are merely a physical manifestation of the Republican approach to government: Destroy, negate, threaten, fearmonger, and destroy some more.

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Big Effing Deal.

So Biden said fuck? Yawn.  Wake me when he smashes some windows or calls someone the N-word.

March 24th, 2010 at 07:17am Posted by Eli

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