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Profiles In Courage

Glennzilla points out the most disturbing aspect of Politico’s Waaah-Obama’s-mean-to-us story:

Many of the grievances are petty, though some are serious and substantive (involving lack of transparency and media manipulation), but the passage that I found most revealing is this one:

Much of the criticism is off the record, both out of fear of retaliation and from worry about appearing whiny. But those views were voiced by a cross section of the television, newspaper and magazine journalists who cover the White House.

Just think about that for a minute.  National political reporters are furious over various White House practices involving transparency and information control, but are unwilling  to say so for attribution due to fear of “retaliation,” instead insisting on hiding behind a wall of anonymity (which Politico, needless to say, happily provides).  Isn’t that a rather serious problem:  that the White House press corps is afraid to criticize the President and the White House for fear of losing access and suffering other forms of retribution?  What does that say about their “journalism”?  It’s the flip side of those White House reporters who need the good graces of Obama aides for their behind-the-scenes books and thus desperately do their bidding:  what kind of reporter covering the White House would possibly admit that they’re afraid to say anything with their names attached that might anger the President and his aides?  How could you possibly be a minimally credible White House reporter if you have that fear?  Doesn’t that unwillingness rather obviously render their reporting worthless?

Gee, it almost calls into question the quality of the reporting about the Bush administration too.

I also found it quite remarkable that a story about vindictive “aides” blistering reporters with profanity-laced tirades doesn’t mention Rahm Emanuel by name, and only alludes to him once, when it claims that Obama’s chief of staff is easier to reach than his press secretary (which, quite frankly, doesn’t seem all that surprising).

April 30th, 2010 at 11:38am Posted by Eli

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Man, the Republicans really want to make sure that no Latino ever votes for them again until the end of time, don’t they?  They pass the racial-profiling/show-me-your-papers law in Arizona, and they’re trying to pass it in Texas and Missouri, so it’s not like the GOP can claim that AZ is just one bad apple.  And then you’ve got this winner who wants all driving tests to be in English only, and Lindsey Graham throwing a tantrum and threatening to sabotage a bill with his own name on it if the Senate considers immigration reform.

Considering how large and fast-growing segment of the population Latinos are, this seems like a recipe for electoral suicide, unless the GOP has a plan to keep Latinos from voting.  Oh.  Right. Nevermind.

April 30th, 2010 at 07:16am Posted by Eli

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