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Wanker Of The Day

Shorter Bud Selig: MLB’s record on minority hiring is so awesome that there’s no reason for us to boycott Arizona.

Um… what?

Also, I assume he’s including minority ballplayers in his hiring percentages…

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What’s The Most Horrible State In The Union?

I think I would pretty much have to go with Arizona right now.  I can’t think of any other state which is institutionalizing racism and xenophobia quite so gleefully.  First the show-me-your-papers law, and now this:

The governor, Jan Brewer, has signed into law a bill that was passed because the state superintendent of public instruction, Tom Horne, who happens to be running for attorney general, dislikes a Mexican-American studies program in Tucson Unified School District that allows students to learn in history and literature courses about how particular ethnic groups influenced history, the Associated Press reported.

The bill, about which I wrote last week, prohibits any classes that:

* Promote the overthrow of the United States government.
* Promote resentment toward a race or class of people.
* Are designed primarily for pupils of a particular ethnic group.
* Advocate ethnic solidarity instead of the treatment of pupils as individuals.

The first two points are ringers, of course, for Horne’s real problem: According to the Associated Press, Horne has wanted to limit the program since he learned several years ago that Hispanic civil right activist Dolores Herta told Tucson high school students that “Republicans hate Latinos.”

The governor signed the bill just after six United Nations human rights experts released a statement saying they had concerns about the measure and noted that all people have a right to learn about their own cultural and linguistic heritage.

Yes, I know there are good people in Arizona, but the ones who are calling the shots there are mean, bigoted monsters.

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Something For The Deficit Reduction Commission To Consider

I mean, instead of cutting Social Security, which seems to be pretty much their raison d’etre:

Federal, state and local income taxes consumed 9.2% of all personal income in 2009, the lowest rate since 1950, the Bureau of Economic Analysis reports. That rate is far below the historic average of 12% for the last half-century. The overall tax burden hit bottom in December at 8.8.% of income before rising slightly in the first three months of 2010.

Just so’s you know.  Because the conservatives and the deficit commission don’t seem to.

(h/t Taegan Goddard by way of Stan Collender by way of Peterr)

May 13th, 2010 at 07:23am Posted by Eli

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