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Monday Media Blogging

This week’s Monday Media Blogging is a tribute to The Apple, one of the maddest movies of all time (it is probably best described as a psychedelic disco bible allegory).  The trailer does a pretty good job of hitting the highlights, like the National BIM Hour when everyone has to stop what they’re doing and dance (note the guy on the operating table making a game attempt) and the synchronized disco orgy.

“The Apple” is probably the most insane number in a movie full of them.  Alas, this was the best YouTube I could find.

June 28th, 2010 at 11:26am Posted by Eli

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Pope Mad That Belgium Treats Sex Abuse As A Crime

How dare the Belgians act as if predator priests are some kind of criminals!

Pope Benedict XVI had harsh words for Belgian police Sunday, calling their raids investigating priestly sex abuse last week “surprising and deplorable.”

Police conducted the June 24 raids during the monthly meeting of the Belgian Bishops Conference, detaining the nine members for hours and confiscating their cell phones.

They searched two main church offices and the home of former Archbishop Godfried Danneels, seizing computers and files, and opened a tomb, prompting outrage from the Vatican.

“The Secretariat of State expresses its deep shock over the way some of the searches were carried out…and its indignation over the violation” of the tomb, the Vatican said in a statement Friday.

Speaking out for the first time since the raids, the pope issued a letter to the head of the Belgian Bishops Conference Sunday. “At this sad time, I wish to express … my closeness and solidarity for the surprising and deplorable ways in which the searches were carried out,” he wrote.

“I hope that justice takes its course, guaranteeing the fundamental rights of people and institutions with respect to the victims, recognizing without prejudice all those who are committed to collaborating with justice and refuting all that which seeks to obscure its noble goals.”

I’ve always been mystified by this country’s willingness to just let the Catholic Church handle sex abuse cases in-house, as if our own criminal and legal system has no jurisdiction over them.  But obviously the Church believes that to be the natural order of things.

UPDATE: Then again…

June 28th, 2010 at 07:20am Posted by Eli

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