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Great Moments In Spin

Florida Republicans want to pass their own version of Arizona’s show-me-your-papers law… for the immigrants’ own good:

[Rep. William] Snyder, a former police officer, said the proposed legislation is needed to protect undocumented immigrants, who are vulnerable to abusive employers and violent criminals.

“This is a human right issue,” he said. “They don’t enjoy the same rights and privileges that you and I do. The solution is to enforce the laws that currently exist and to discourage people from coming here to ‘find a better life’ when in fact they just come here and are victimized.”

Aww, what a sweet compassionate man.  He only wants to harass Hispanics to protect them.  Needless to say, Florida’s immigrant and Hispanic communities don’t see it quite the same way…

“The reaction is, ‘What? This is ridiculous,’ ” said Neelofer Syed, a Tampa immigration lawyer who hails from Pakistan. “It is supposed to be that you are legal until you are proven guilty. This law is like, ‘we think you are guilty unless you establish that you are innocent.’ ”

Rep. J.C. Planas, a Republican from Miami, called it an election year stunt.

“I don’t understand how anyone can think the Arizona law is good for Florida,” said Planas, chairman of the Florida Hispanic Legislative Caucus. “It is a huge waste of police resources to start doing these things.”

I’m wondering what the Cuban community thinks of this.  I’m no expert on Florida politics, but I got the pretty strong impression that they have an awful lot of political clout, and antagonizing them seems like a really bad idea.  I’m not sure they necessarily see things the same way as the Hispanic population in general, but they would certainly be subject to being harassed for their papers, so I can’t see them being big fans.

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