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Monday Media Blogging

The Swedish Chef attempts to prepare Der Pöpcørn Shrimpees:

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Drowned By The Rising Tide

So much for a rising tide lifting all boats.  It seems like no matter which direction the economy is moving, the only people who benefit are the wealthy.  Bob Herbert writes about corporations taking advantage of increased worker productivity and the excuse of the recession to lay off and cut the wages of more workers than they actually need to so they can hoard their profits, while the Financial Times has a long story about America’s stagnating incomes and lack of upward mobility.

It is one of the greatest and saddest ironies of all that so many Americans are so passionately opposed to taxes on income brackets that they will never ever occupy.  They’re either outraged that Democrats want to tax their imaginary future millions, or they somehow imagine that they’re the ones whose taxes are getting raised, or both.  Whatever the reason, the conservative doctrine that we must cut all manner of social services in order to pay for military spending and tax cuts for the rich is still far more popular than makes any logical sense.  Hell, the Tea Party has actually managed to package tax cuts for the rich as populism.

Towards the end of the FT story, a member of one of the struggling middle-class families it profiles invokes the Tea Party mantra of “I want my country back,” but he didn’t mean from Barack Obama and the Democrats.  He meant from the corporations and wealthy who have done nothing but take without giving anything in return.  I want my country back too.

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