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September 28th, 2010at 07:59am Posted by Eli

Four or five years ago, I wrote: a post which I am completely unable to find, along the lines of “Democrats are never so weak as when they’re trying to look strong.” “For Republicans, pretending to be tough… conceals their cowardice. For Democrats, it illuminates it.” Peter Daou agrees, quoting himself in his latest piece on how the Obama administration has gone wrong:

It would be unfair and silly to portray all Democrat politicians as devoid of moral convictions, but it’s not inaccurate to state that there is a widespread phobia among Democrats of appearing “weak,” which paradoxically leads to behavior that further reinforces that impression. When you fret too much over what others think, you tend to contort yourself in an attempt to please, often at the expense of your core beliefs. When the specific complaint is that you’re weak, there is a tendency is to do whatever your critics characterize as strong – and in the case of Democrats, they tend to ignore the strength of their own values and emulate Republicans, ending up looking even weaker in the process.

Yep, that’s pretty much exactly it, and it’s amazing that the Democrats still haven’t figured it out ever since it started to kill them with the AUMF in 2002.

Daou’s larger point is also very good, basically that Obama and his team have been caught completely off guard by the progressive blogosphere’s refusal to be as craven as the Democrats and refusal to abandon principle in the name of party loyalty.  We still oppose the same things that we opposed when Dubya was president, which is too bad for Obama, since it turns out that he supports them.

Obama expected us to have a strict IOKIYAD (It’s Okay If You’re A Democrat) policy, and it just hasn’t happened.  And now his brilliant strategy to get us on board for the midterms is to have Joe Biden tell us to “get in gear” and “stop whining”.  We’ll stop “whining” when you give us a reason, not because you tell us to.  And whatever you do, don’t scold us for a lack of enthusiasm and engagement that you so aggressively cultivated.

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