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Boston Science Museum Stair Photoblogging

What can I say, I like stairs.

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Iott Demonstrates How Nott To Do Damage Control

If it comes out that you like to participate in WWII re-enactments wearing a Nazi uniform, your best hope of salvaging the situation is probably to point out that somebody has to play the bad guys.  Not exactly the route Rich Iott chose, however…

“I don’t know that I would put that label on them. They were doing what they thought was right for their country. And they were going out and fighting what they thought was a bigger, you know, a bigger evil.”

Iott also contended that “this particular unit was one that was never charged with war crimes,” though Cooper pointed out that one member was recently charged with the murder of 58 Jews. Iott replied: “The war on the eastern front was extremely brutal on both sides. Nobody was lily-white, that’s for sure. Horrible things that happened on both sides.”

Cooper also asked about the reenators’ website, which he said describes members of the Wiking unit as “valiant men.” He asked Iott if he believed these were “valiant men.”

“I think that they thought they were fighting for their homeland,” Iott said. When pressed further, he replied: “I don’t think we can sit here and judge that today. We weren’t there the time they made those decisions.”

Epic Fail.  Doubling down on defending the poor misunderstood patriotic Nazis is never a winning strategy.  And dismissing the murders of 58 Jews as basically “shit happens” isn’t exactly smooth either.

Now watch him win anyway…

October 13th, 2010 at 06:57am Posted by Eli

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