Racist Cross-Burning Bell Curve Wanker Takes On The “New Elite”

October 25th, 2010at 08:09am Posted by Eli

I won’t even get into what a big fat racist liar Charles Murray is, since Phoenix Woman has already covered that so capably.  What aggravates me is the content of his op-ed column about how the tea party and its heroes are courageously opposing what he calls the “New Elite” as being the shadowy evil forces trying to keep Ordinary God-Fearing Americans down.

Which is all well and good in the abstract, until you keep reading and discover that – surprise, surprise – Murray is just rehashing the same old tired conservative caricature of effete out-of-touch latte-sipping Ivy League intellectual snobs, and once again completely ignoring the actual wealthy and corporate elites who are in fact taking advantage of everybody else.

The problem is not upper-middle-class liberals who went to Harvard, the problem is corporations and billionaires who successfully bribe and lobby our politicians to make government work for them instead of us.  Hence we get healthcare reform that delivers millions of new customers to the insurance industry while extracting very little in return, a reckless financial sector that gets rewarded with massive bailouts and mostly cosmetic regulation, no climate reform, no EFCA, and a “deficit reduction” commission that is poised to cut Social Security to pay for preserving tax giveaways to the rich.

These are the elites who are running the country and bleeding it dry for their own enrichment, and while there surely is overlap with Murray’s facile description of the “New Elite,” his definition is so overbroad and cliched as to be utterly useless.  Except, of course, for the task of deflecting blame for America’s corruption and dysfunction away from the tea party’s own wealthy and corporate sponsors.

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