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Atlas Mooched

Who among us does not love delicious irony?

Fast forward to 1974. Alisa had surgery for lung cancer. This was a tough time, and Alisa needed some help, which came in the form of Evva Joan Pryor, a social worker in New York. Alisa’s attorneys, the firm of Ernst, Cane, Gitlin and Winick sent Evva to assist Alisa in signing up for Social Security and Medicare; where Medicare was only nine years old as a program at this point in time.

Evva later reported “Doctors could cost an awful lot more money than books earn, and she could be totally wiped out by medical bills if she didn’t watch it. Since she had worked her entire life, and had paid into Social Security, she had a right to it….After several meetings and arguments, she gave me her power of attorney to deal with all matters having to do with health and Social Security. Whether she agreed or not is not the issue, she saw the necessity for both her and Frank. She was never involved other than to sign the power of attorney; I did the rest.”


So you are saying, ok, fine biography, what’s the deal with the contemptible fraud?

Strictly my own opinion, but Alisa Zenovievna was “Evil” and “Immoral” –  a “Moocher”, “Looter” and “Parasite” because she took Social Security and Medicare. Don’t believe me?

Those are her own words, for you know Alisa better as Ayn Rand.

Awesome.  The teabaggers who oppose all government spending and any kind of safety net are usually the the first to shout “Keep your government hands off my Medicare!”

January 27th, 2011 at 07:21pm Posted by Eli

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IOKIYAR Thought Experiment

I think Brad DeLong is mostly right that President Obama hasn’t really been all that different from Hypothetical President Romney, although I’m skeptical that Romney would have bothered with sweeping (but crappy) healthcare reform.  The more interesting part of his thesis is that Republicans and the media would be praising the exact same policies as Pragmatic Bipartisan Compromise instead of Liberofascist Socialist Overreach.  Which is probably mostly true, especially for the media, but I think DeLong underestimates the right’s loyalty to Romney and willingness to mindlessly carry water for him.

Still, the broader points are worth remembering:

1) Party affiliation is more important than actual policy.  Most Republicans will defend any other mainstream or conservative Republican’s policy and attack any mainstream or progressive Democrat’s, while most Democrats will (very timidly) do the same for mainstream and conservative Democrats and against Republicans.  Which is why Democrats would fight to the death to defend Social Security from a Republican president, but will roll over and play dead when Obama goes after it in the name of deficit reduction and fiscal “seriousness”, and why Republicans suddenly care about the Constitution and deficits after 8 years of looking the other way for Dubya.

2) The media is far more likely to approve of Republican actions and disapprove of Democratic actions than vice versa.  Because America is a center-right nation that doesn’t approve of any Democratic or progressive policies at all.  And Republicans are oh so serious and responsible, and so much stronger than Democrats on family values and economics and security and foreign policy.

January 27th, 2011 at 07:30am Posted by Eli

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