Is The Republican Party About To Drown In Its Own Bathtub?

2 comments March 31st, 2011at 05:39pm Posted by Eli

No One Could Have Anticipated, Exhibit A: Apparently decades of huge tax cuts make your state (or country) broke!

No One Could Have Anticipated, Exhibit B: Apparently voters don’t like it when you slash government services to pay for decades of huge tax cuts!  (Or brand-new tax cuts, for that matter.)

I particularly like Politico’s clueless first sentence: “It was supposed to be one of the clearest messages of the 2010 elections: Voters were finally fed up with government spending.”  I’m pretty sure that the clearest message of the 2010 elections was “We don’t like watching the banksters who blew up the economy get off scot-free (with bailouts, no less) while we can’t even find a job or hold onto our houses.  Also, Obama is a worthless corporate sellout who has watered down or completely reneged on every single one of his campaign promises.”

And as Joseph Stiglitz points out in his refusal to sign the please-cut-Social-Security/Bowles-Simpson-is-awesome deficit reduction letter, fiscal austerity at the federal level will only make matters worse there, too.

It looks like the GOP is about to experience a pretty serious electoral backlash at the state level, and the only thing that might save them from the same fate nationally is if Obama and the Democrats help them hold the government’s head underwater instead of fighting to save it.  Unfortunately, it looks like that’s exactly what they plan to do.

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  • 1. Charles  |  April 2nd, 2011 at 1:28 pm

    The Republicans have nothing to worry about. They scheduled the IMF riots early in their term in power– during which, by the way, they will disproportionately control redistricting, probably costing the Dems another 10 or 20 seats–so that, by the election, either the economy will be better, in which case, they can claim credit, or the economy will be worse, in which case they can blame Obama. Or Charlie Sheen, if Obama remains popular.

    A few state senators may lose their seats, and a state Supreme court justice may not get re-elected. Otherwise…

    3) profit!!!!

  • 2. Charles  |  April 2nd, 2011 at 1:46 pm

    By the way, you must have missed this story. It should be in the Weekly World, but it’s not!

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