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Approval And Unemployment

David Axelrod whistles past the graveyard:

Despite what you hear in elite commentary, the President’s support among base voters and in key demographic groups has stayed strong. According to the latest NBC-WSJ poll, Democrats approve of his performance by an 81%-14% margin. That’s stronger than President Clinton’s support among Democrats at this point in his term and, according to Gallup, stronger than any Democratic President dating back to Harry Truman through this point in their presidency.

Well, there’s a couple of problems with that.  One is that the 81% are not exactly enthusiastic in their approval:

Only 48% of Democrats on our most recent national survey said they were ‘very excited’ about voting in 2012. On the survey before that the figure was 49%. Those last two polls are the only times all year the ‘very excited’ number has dipped below 50%.

In 13 polls before August the average level of Democrats ‘very excited’ about voting next year had averaged 57%. It had been as high as 65% and only twice had the number even dipped below 55%.

The other is that since Election Day 2008, the breakdown of party affiliation has gone from 28/37/33 Republican/Independent/Democrat to 28/44/26.  Which kinda suggests to me that Obama just managed to drive 7% of the electorate out of the Democratic Party entirely.  If you add those people back in, then Obama’s approval rating is more like 64% among people who were Democrats when Obama was elected.

Granted, that’s probably an oversimplification, but the shrinkage in Democratic affiliation is almost certainly inflating Obama’s approval rating there, in much the same way that ignoring people who have given up looking for work understates the true scope of unemployment.

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Who You Gonna Believe, Your Gullible Peers Or Your Lying Eyes?

Apparently California Democrats all ignored huge red flags that there was something dodgy about the embezzler they had hired as their treasurer because all the other Democrats were doing the same thing.  It’s a pretty spectacular example of collective stupidity, and it also explains why so many incompetent Democratic political consultants keep getting work despite their long resumes of failure.

I guess “But everyone else is doing it!” is a more important consideration than evidence or outcomes.  It’s a wonder they didn’t all invest their money with Bernie Madoff.

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No Room For Improvement

Ezra Klein explains that Obama couldn’t possibly have done a better job, what with his miniscule majorities in both houses of Congress and all.  I particularly like the part where he suggests that Obama would have been less popular and the 2010 bloodbath would have been worse if Obama had passed an effective stimulus and generally done more to live up to his campaign promises.

Because the American people just hate strong politicians who get results, especially when they don’t act like corporate tools.  That’s why FDR was only able to get elected 4 times.  Well, that and dying.

August 23rd, 2011 at 07:51am Posted by Eli

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S&P Report To Be Posted On Bulletin Board Outside SuperCongress’s Locker Room

The congressional reactions sound an awful lot like that of a sports team that’s been dissed and is using it as motivation:

Representative Joe Courtney, Democrat of Connecticut, said he had “read and reread the S. & P. report” several times since it was issued Friday night, and he said it could spur action by Congress. If the 12 members of the committee, to be appointed by Aug. 16 by Congressional leaders of the two parties, could agree on a deficit-reduction package, and if Congress approved it, Mr. Courtney said, “that would surprise a lot of skeptics” and could disprove the company’s criticism of the United States political system.

Representative Blake Farenthold, a freshman Republican from Texas, said the S.&P. report could have a beneficial effect. “Anything that encourages the new committee to get the job done and get us back on a rational fiscal path is a good thing,” Mr. Farenthold said.

Another freshman Republican, Representative Steve Southerland II of Florida, said the credit report created “a sense of urgency for the two parties to come together.” The possibility of a further downgrade “scares me,” Mr. Southerland said.

Go team! Let’s show S&P who’s boss!  By doing everything they tell us to!

August 8th, 2011 at 07:50am Posted by Eli

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There’s No One Left To Vote For

Shorter American electorate: WE HATE EVERYBODY.

And really, who can blame them?  Both parties got their shot at running the government, and both parties failed miserably because they cared more about their corporate and wealthy donors than the people they were elected to serve.

There is definitely room for a third party (although it would really be more like a second party at this point), but not if it’s just a corporate “centrist” party positioned between the other two corporate parties.  The only kind of third party that’s going to gain any traction would be a populist one that promises to represent ordinary people instead of corporations and the wealthy.

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The Problem

I agree with a lot of this Peter Daou post, especially about how the right has effectively stepped into and taken advantage of this country’s information and education vacuum, and how the left is hobbled by the lack of any kind of common cause between the progressive movement and the Democratic Party.  But I’m not so sure I buy his diagnosis of the root cause:

On the other side you have the Democratic establishment, political leaders, pollsters and strategists who, by and large, are poll addicts, chronically incapable of taking principled stands, obsessed with appealing to independent voters, hostile to progressive advocates, often just as captive to moneyed interests as their Republican counterparts. Mind-bogglingly, it was the White House and Democratic leadership that worked with BP to ‘disappear’ the Gulf spill, for fear it would harm them in the 2010 midterms. Craven doesn’t begin to describe it.


As I said previously, faced with a public that holds opposing views, politicians can either change their positions to match the public’s views or change the public’s views to match their positions. Only when Democrats decide to do the latter will America’s rightward shift be halted or reversed.

I believe that Obama and most of the Democrats are actually Republicans masquerading as weak Democrats, and all the poll-driven, center-chasing wimpiness is camouflage to make their pro-corporate policies look like some kind of pragmatic (albeit misguided) centrism rather than the corrupt sellout that they actually are.

On a related note, I think it’s hilarious that the White House keeps complaining that progressives aren’t doing a good enough job of selling the American people on the Satan sandwiches they keep offering up, when the real problem is that we can’t convince the White House to stop making them.

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This Is What Happens When You’re Not Paying Attention

You say clueless, ridiculous things like this:

Republicans will still be able to refuse to raise taxes. But if they do, it won’t matter. The only way they can succeed in keeping taxes from rising is if the Obama administration and the Democrats stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them to extend the Bush tax cuts.

Srsly?  Did you not see what happened last December???

August 1st, 2011 at 11:27am Posted by Eli

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The Only Winners And Losers Who Really Matter

If you want to understand how Washington thinks and why our government and media are so worthless, just read this repellent column by the WaPo’s Chris Cillizza, toting up “The debt-ceiling deal… winners and losers.”

In the winning column, he lists Mitch McConnell, the Tea Party, Obama, the Congressional Budget Office, Grover Norquist, and – I’m not kidding – David Wu.

In the losing column, he lists Congress, the Gang Of Six, commissions, and liberals.

Missing from either list: The economy or the American people.  Just like they were missing from all the political calculations and posturing by Obama and the Tea Party, who collaborated to produce a terrible deal that will make the country weaker and maybe even increase the debt it was supposed to reduce.

You also have to love this little snippet of DLC-style conventional wisdom:

But remember that Obama’s target constituency in 2012 is not his base but rather independent and moderate voters. And those fence-sitters love compromise in almost any form.

Yep, there’s nothing independents and moderates love more than politicians with no convictions at all (I personally believe Obama is a strong Republican masquerading as a weak Democrat, but the appearance is the same).  And of course they always turn out in droves, not like a motivated Democratic base would.

I understand that most politicians – and much of the media who cover them – are corrupt, shallow, self-centered creatures, and it’s folly to expect them to always put the good of the country first.  But couldn’t they at least think about it a little bit?

August 1st, 2011 at 07:49am Posted by Eli

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Just What We Need

Tom Friedman and Chris Cillizza are absolutely right that there is a palpable hunger for a third-party alternative to the godawful Republicans and Democrats, but I really don’t think that a new corporate-owned party positioned between the two corporate-owned parties that we already have is going to represent our interests any better.

July 25th, 2011 at 08:05am Posted by Eli

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The Guardian Reads My Mind

For all of the people speculating about how the phone-hacking scandal could bring down Fox News or Rupert Murdoch, I just don’t see it.  Even if it comes out that Fox hacked the phones of 9/11 victims, Obama and the Democrats just don’t have the guts to take them on, and would fold at the first Republican accusations of “politically-motivated witch hunt!”.

And of course, as the Guardian points out, Republicans would – and have – destroyed liberal organizations for far less, and even for nothing at all (see: ACORN).

Does no one remember all the scandals of the Bush administration, and how each one was going to be the one that finally brought it down?  It never happened.

July 21st, 2011 at 07:15am Posted by Eli

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What I’ve Been Saying

I said this over five years ago:

Republicans understand that voters in “the base” turn out if motivated, and the undecideds in the middle do not. Consequently, they tailor their electoral strategy to pumping up their base to maximize that turnout, and they don’t worry about the middle all that much because they’re proportionally less of a factor. The Democrats, on the other hand, repeatedly throw their base under the bus in pursuit of those fickle undecideds who probably aren’t voting anyway.

From Nate Silver’s post on why Republicans are crazy (answer: because unlike the Democrats, they’re playing to their base):

Tell me again why alienating your base in pursuit of independents is a good electoral strategy?

(This is, of course, assuming that this actually is the Democrats’ electoral strategy and not just an excuse for pursuing conservative policy goals on behalf of their corporate benefactors.  But as excuses go, it’s a pretty transparently ridiculous one.)

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I Got Your “Overreach” Right Here

Hey, remember the Republican narrative about how the Democrats got pummeled last year because Mad Socialist Obama “overreached” with his government takeover agenda?  Funny thing: As soon as the GOP took power after that wave election, it immediately got to work showing everybody what real overreach looks like, attacking collective bargaining rights, and now Medicare.

The Democrats swept the Republicans out in 2006 and 2008 because the Republicans proved themselves to be incompetent and corrupt.  The Republicans swept the Democrats out in 2010 because the Democrats proved themselves to be incompetent and corrupt.  Now the Republicans are proving themselves to be downright malevolent, and could very well swing the backlash pendulum back to the Democrats, and in a presidential election cycle too.

If the presidential election had been held in 2010, Obama might have been in serious trouble if the Republicans nominated someone even semi-sane.  But if the Republicans continue to push a nakedly pro-wealth, anti-everything-else agenda, Obama’s going to win in another landslide, whether he deserves to or not (it’s “not”, by the way).

Also, the fawning Cheney endorsement probably isn’t doing Paul Ryan any favors.  If I’m his opponent, I’m running that quote on a continuous loop from now until election day.

May 27th, 2011 at 07:55am Posted by Eli

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Things Fall Apart

Infrastructure is one of those things that no politician seems to want to talk about.  It’s not like it’s a political third-rail like Social Security (“Keep your government hands off my infrastructure!”), but with all the deficit hysteria raging around Washington these days, no one dares say that we need $2 trillion dollars to keep the country from physically falling apart. So it will.

Frugality’s all well and good until your house collapses.

May 18th, 2011 at 11:46am Posted by Eli

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Credit Where Credit Is Due

Sure, Andy Cuomo may be governing like a Republican, and his policy of shafting public workers to preserve tax cuts may be more popular with Republican voters than Democratic ones, but at least he’s got one issue right:

Cuomo demanded the Legislature pass the major pillars of his agenda: legalization of same-sex marriage, ethics reform and a property tax cap.

“June 20 is the day that the Legislature ends, and June 20 is D-Day for us,” Cuomo said. “Tell your legislators it’s very simple: Pass the bills or don’t come home. Period.”

While his support for marriage equality is heartening (property tax cap, not so much), I feel obliged to point out that Democrats have a lot more latitude to be progressive on social issues, because most corporate donors don’t really care about marriage equality or choice one way or the other.  So… yay, but I wouldn’t exactly call it a profile in courage.

May 11th, 2011 at 07:59am Posted by Eli

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Analogy For The Day

Pakistan is an allly of the United States in much the same way that Obama is an ally of the progressive movement.

May 4th, 2011 at 12:24pm Posted by Eli

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Even Massachusetts Dems Aren’t Dems Anymore

When even Democrats in one of our bluest states are acting like Scott Walker, it’s not hard to see why unions are starting to walk away from them in disgust.  2012 is already likely to be another bad election for the Democrats (who will likely be relying on an inspiring “We may suck, but at least we’re not crazy” campaign strategy), I wonder how much worse it will be if the unions sit on their hands (or boots on the ground, as the case may be).

By the way, I really have to quibble with Mike Elk’s last paragraph here:

While Democrats have been less brazen in their attacks on public employees’ unions, they have still attacked public employees unions. Why is that? It’s because it’s often less politically risky for Democrats weary of taking on the rich to go after unions than to call for higher taxes on the rich.

Saying that Democrats are “weary of taking on the rich” is like me saying I’m tired of fighting Mike Tyson.

April 28th, 2011 at 08:13am Posted by Eli

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When You’ve Lost The Billionaires…

Oh noes, the Democrats have lost the support of the Masters Of The Universe because Obama said mean things about them!

These oh-so-sensitive hedge fund guys just don’t appreciate how good they’ve got it.  Obama talks smack about us whiny unreasonable progressives too, but he almost never does anything we want, and he certainly doesn’t care whether he pisses us off or not.

April 27th, 2011 at 08:02am Posted by Eli

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There’s really a very simple reason why conservatives haven’t built a strong grassroots internet infrastructure: THEY DON’T HAVE TO.

Why on earth do you need internet grassroots when your political movement is primarily about serving the interests of corporations and elites instead of ordinary people?  And when those corporations and elites can funnel you more money than ordinary people could ever dream of without even breaking a sweat?

1 comment April 26th, 2011 at 07:58am Posted by Eli

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Apparently the new definition of “seriousness” is using a genuine unemployment crisis and a ginned-up deficit crisis as excuses to pursue ideological goals that have absolutely nothing to do with fixing them.

Too bad the Progressive Caucus is so unserious, otherwise maybe someone might take their deficit-reduction plan seriously.  Hell, they probably have an employment plan too, one that would actually create jobs instead of destroying them.

April 25th, 2011 at 08:08am Posted by Eli

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If Republicans (And Democrats) Were Really Serious About The National Debt…

Maybe they might want to think about some actual real financial reform, or doing something about runaway healthcare costs:

[T]he financial crisis will end up causing government debt to increase by more than 50 percentage points of G.D.P. over a decade. This is the major fiscal crisis of today and the likely one tomorrow. (I wrote more on this in a column this week for Bloomberg.)


A future financial crisis, given the nature of our economy, could well cause a debt increase of more than 34 percent of G.D.P. — just look at what happened this time in the United States or the way in which Ireland was ruined by big banks and reaction by the politicians there. There is no way that the S.&P.’s stress situation is sufficiently negative.


There is, of course, a longer-run budget issue — beyond 2020 –- that is mostly about health care costs. S.&P. follows the current consensus by flagging the Medicare component of this, and the C.B.O.’s projections on this front are undoubtedly scary (see this C.B.O. Web page or jump directly to the document and study the image on its front page).

But the real threat to the economy is health-care costs seen broadly, not just the Medicare component. For more on this, see the analysis by my co-author on the Baseline Scenario blog, James Kwak, writing about an important letter from Douglas W. Elmendorf (the head of the C.B.O.) to Representative Paul D. Ryan, Republican of Wisconsin and chairman of the House Budget Committee, on Mr. Ryan’s budget proposal.


The real danger to the United States economy –- and to its federal budget –- is that we will somehow derail growth, either by letting too-big-to-fail banks become irresponsible again or by allowing health-care costs to continue to rise on their current trajectory or in some other way.

…Or we could just kill Medicare, slash Social Security, and keep cutting taxes for rich people and corporations until the trickledown fairy works her magic.

April 21st, 2011 at 09:01am Posted by Eli

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Wanker Of The Day

Alleged liberal Democrat Dick Durbin. Also Joe Sudbay has to win some kind of award for not noticing where he’s answered his own question:

Durbin, as the senior Senator from Illinois, is considered one of Obama’s closest allies on Capitol Hill. But, for whatever reason, he has lost his bearings. Now, using right-wing talking points, Durbin is even criticized Bernie Sanders over Social Security.

Durbin criticized a resolution put forward by Sen. Bernie Sanders, a liberal independent from Vermont, that says Social Security should not be cut under a deficit reduction plan. Durbin said he would not vote for such a resolution.

“I think Bernie is going too far with his language,” Durbin said.

“In 2037, as we know it, Social Security falls off a cliff,” he said. “There’s a 22 percent reduction rate in payments, which is really not something we can tolerate. If we deal with it today, it’s an easier solution than waiting. I think we ought to deal with it. Many of my colleagues disagree, put it off to another day. But from my point of view, leaving it out makes it easier politically, including it, I think, meets an obligation, which we have to senior citizens.”

Yes, I’m sure there couldn’t possibly be any connection between Durbin being an Obama ally and his sudden fondness for right-wing talking points…

April 20th, 2011 at 09:10am Posted by Eli

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Still Waiting For Some Shared Sacrifice

“Shared sacrifice” is the favorite buzzword of all the Very Serious Budget Talkers in DC, but no one has yet explained what exactly it is that the wealthy or the corporations (i.e., the ones with all the money) will be sacrificing.

There’s a South Park episode where the boys adopt a poor African child they nickname “Starvin’ Marvin”, and in one scene Cartman (who is clearly not wanting in the food department) keeps trying to steal Marvin’s food.  One of the other boys scolds him and reminds him that they’re supposed to be sharing with Marvin.  Cartman continues trying to steal Marvin’s food, only now he calls it “sharing”.

That’s pretty much where we are in the budget debate: The have-mores are taking from the have-nots and calling it “sharing”.  And the only difference between Republicans and Democrats is a matter of degree.

April 18th, 2011 at 08:08am Posted by Eli

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Attack Of The Giant If

Paul Krugman is conditionally okay with the content of Obama’s Big Important Budget Speech:

Much better than many of us feared. Hardly any Bowles-Simpson — yay!

The actual plan relies on some discretionary spending cuts, this time including defense — good, although I think too much is being cut from domestic spending. It relies on letting the Bush tax cuts for the rich expire — finally! — plus unspecified reductions in tax expenditures.


Overall, way better than the rumors and trial balloons. I can live with this. And whatever the pundits may say, it was much, much more serious than the Ryan “plan”.


I should probably say, I could live with this as an end result. If this becomes the left pole, and the center is halfway between this and Ryan, then no — better to pursue the zero option of just doing nothing and letting the Bush tax cuts as a whole expire.

That is one enormous If for a president who plays tug-of-war in roller skates.

April 13th, 2011 at 06:50pm Posted by Eli

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From an Americablog post from an anonymous Democratic insider about the need to primary the Obatross:

We saw in 2008 that organizing a primary campaign apart from the built-in support of the established party can create a national movement for change. A successful campaign has to recruit and organize supporters around the country, it must create its own message machine and rapid response team, and it must create donors and fundraise successfully in order to support all of these efforts. Modern technologies make this even easier than it was in the days of Reagan’s 1976 campaign. But, to really succeed, the movement cannot be discarded at the moment of the Inauguration (just ask the poor folks trapped in the tunnel with the Purple tickets).

Hey, you know what would provide a really great ready-made base of supporters for an upstart progressive primary challenger?  The Obama For America mailing list.

April 11th, 2011 at 08:00am Posted by Eli

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Thrower-Outer’s Remorse?

I saw a remarkable number recently – Michigan’s union-busting Republican governor won election by 18 points last year, but if he had to run for election today, just a few months later, he would lose. And I think a lot of other similar governors (i.e., Scott Walker, Rick Scott) are in a similar situation.

So what I’m wondering is what exactly the message is here. Is it solely about appalled voters finally realizing just what it is they voted for, or is it a measure of just how disgusted they were with Obama and the Democrats that they would vote for anybody just to send a message?

Sometimes you don’t have to provide an appealing alternative – just an alternative.

4 comments March 23rd, 2011 at 12:55pm Posted by Eli

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Corruption Kills

Scarecrow uses the failure of Japan’s nuclear regulatory regime to remind us of the critically important point that political corruption isn’t just about greedy corporations cutting shady deals to skim a little extra off of the public trough – when safety corners are cut because captive revolving-door regulators look the other way, people DIE.  And sometimes it’s a lot of people.

But money almost always trumps morality and civic responsibility, and even simple humanity, thus making disasters and tragedies not just unavoidable, but inevitable.

2 comments March 22nd, 2011 at 05:03pm Posted by Eli

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America Catches On

First everyone realized that the Republicans sucked and voted them out of power.  Then they discovered that Obama and the Democrats sucked and destroyed them in the 2010 midterms.  Now they’re remembering once again just how much the Republicans suck, but it’s not making them like Obama and the Democrats any better.  The sad truth is that both parties suck horribly right now.

A new Pew Research Center poll shows that about half of Americans think the debate over spending and deficits has been “generally rude and disrespectful.”

There’s even bipartisan agreement — 48 percent of Republicans and Democrats have that view, as well as 57 percent of independents. President Barack Obama signed legislation Friday to provide funding to keep the government open until April 8, the sixth such temporary extension in the 6-month-old fiscal year.

Pew surveyed 1,525 adults from March 8-14. The poll’s findings suggest the political losers so far have been Republicans, who rode a wave of voter irritation to win control of the House of Representatives last fall.

After the election, 35 percent said Republicans had a better approach to the deficit, expected to reach a record $1.65 trillion this year. This month, that number has plunged to 21 percent.

People don’t think Obama has better ideas, either — 20 percent found his approach better, down from November’s 24 percent. Total sample margin of error is plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Unless there’s an intriguing third party candidate next year, I’m thinking turnout is going to be pretty damn low…

2 comments March 21st, 2011 at 08:00am Posted by Eli

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Moody Prez Bamlet

If you thought Obama was disengaged and unhelpful during the healthcare reform debate, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet…

Frustrated Senate Democrats gave senior White House advisers an earful Thursday afternoon during a private meeting, telling them that President Obama needs to get more involved in the budget battle, according to Democratic sources.

One Senate Democrat noted that Obama visited the Democratic Caucus more than once during the debate over healthcare reform, and also sent former President Clinton to the Senate to make the case for the controversial bill.

“He’s not greasing it like he did during healthcare,” said the source.

A Democratic aide said there was an “uproar” on Tuesday during the weekly Democratic lunch meeting, when lawmakers complained about the lack of the president’s public involvement in the debate over spending cuts.

“He’s not using the bully pulpit,” said the aide. “He’s waiting until the last hour to come in.”


A growing number of Democrats believe they should counter House GOP proposals to cut non-security discretionary spending with a plan to raise tax revenues.

The Democratic tax ideas include eliminating tax breaks for oil companies and for companies that move manufacturing facilities out of the country. They are also circulating a proposal to impose a surtax on millionaires.

Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) said these proposals can gain traction in Congress only if Obama gets more involved.

“He’s played a role but it’s been behind the scenes. I’d like to see him more visible,” Levin said.

And after Congress passes a horrible austerity bill, Obama’s defenders will patiently explain to us that Obama is not a king, and he can’t just tell Congress what to do.  But I think we’re all getting a little sick of Obama’s “I have not yet begun to hide!” act every time we need some kind of leadership from our supposed leader.

March 11th, 2011 at 07:19am Posted by Eli

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Need Money? Take It From The Poor

This is just disgraceful.  It’s not surprising that the Republicans are proposing to balance a change to the healthcare bill on the backs of the poor, but it looks like the Democrats are going to go along with it.  Which I guess is also not surprising, just disappointing and infuriating.

Here’s a thought: If you need money, why not look toward the people who actually have it?

March 8th, 2011 at 11:25am Posted by Eli

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Common Ground

Boy, Obama sure can pick ’em.  Remember this fawning WaPo Pete Peterson Times story about new BFFs Andy Stern (former head of SEIU) and David Cote (CEO of Honeywell) working hand-in-hand to help Alan Simpson achieve his lifelong dream of gutting Social Security?

Wonder what Andy Stern thinks of his good buddy now?

March 2nd, 2011 at 11:27am Posted by Eli

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